Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Conned Through Online Shopping

online con act 1

online con act 2

Anyone of you ever shopped online before? Let me re-phrase that. Have anyone of you ever shop from blogshops or forums before? I certainly have and I have found out an easy con scam which can be easily executed. Many of us who have bought things online before surely understands the risks involved. For starters, whoever is selling you the merchandise might just take your money and run away. I'm writing this post based on this issue.

You pretty much have no insurance or guarantee that you will be getting your product after payment is done. Imagine how is it is for people to make you put money into their piggy banks and run away missing after that. I mean, it can't get any simpler that this!

To make things clearer, here's a scenario.

online con act 3

online con act 4

online con act 5

Can you believe it's so simple and easy to con people these days! And still a lot of people are falling for these tricks. I've seen a lot of these cases online. People losing their money after the 'mastermind' ran away. Where have I see this happen? Most of them happened in a popular Chinese forum,

Now for the best part. These 'conmen' aren't men at all! Almost every single one of these 'conmen' are kids! Kids as young as below 15 years of age! OMFG! I am totally speechless! Blarrdy Chinese kids!

We are going to have a corrupted country if this is to continue.

18 comments: said...

try to use paypal when shopping online because paypal will not transfer money before u gets ur goods.

or buy goods through the official website.

I do online shopping frequently because some products very expensive in local market!

LilJo said...

$$$ poof just like that... So easy these kids earn money.. =.=

Jane said...

im a frequent online buyer but so far haven't got conn b4.. i think b4 anyone buys anything from net shud have to survey the site, products and also on the comments lo..

 Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё  said...

urm urm, I do view bloshop/forum shop few times in a week but not a regualer buyer, only once in a few months time for only my contacts and from my friend's friend's blogshop..

thank god i dint meet these stupid seller, wish i wont meet too.

I also heard before all these cheating stuff, running away with your money. My friends got cheated few times. But mostly it happens in forum isn't it? I seldom find cheaters in blogshop,

Anyway, i dont understand why people would rather like this. There are toooo many countless kind of people in the world O.O

m3lv said...

Hmmmm...Its not that easy to con people...
If you have the mobile num...that has reveal the "conman" identity.

And the bank account, that Identity will be easily reveal.

Make a police report, provide the bank info + mobile num & send a feedback to the forum admin to get the IP address, walla!!you can detect the conman already.

Unless!!If that conman is really pro, he fake an account opening in a local bank, he uses someone else simcard, he uses someone else connection to get online!! That will be a tough scenario.

TZ said...

i hate those con people who make the public to lost confident on Internet... :( Anyway, just be careful in the future...

Jard The Great said...

ahahaha.. i wish i cud have a kid that smart laaa..... =p

Anonymous said...

I've been shopping online for quite some time now, and I have never been scammed.

I think maybe because I don't buy from people who does not have feedbacks, if the item is too good to be true, and if the seller is from nigeria.

So thats about it. It's a pretty effective checklist.

cr3ap said...

Well, always check for some post on the seller, or always find those trusted website rather than go to forums. It's always better this way.
There is always people trying out first and see their response. If it's a good one then only go and buy them.

Regards from cr3ap

kRaZy said...

haven't really done any on9 shopping to deal face to face? >.<

Emeryn said...

I think it's better to shop online on those reputable websites or recommended by friends.

Dun just go to any websites see cheap n purchase it straight. If you really want to purchase on new site, suggest you buy in a small amount first. See if the stock arrives.

Victor Tan said...

Yep, have to be careful of the cons. Nowadays many people kena already.

Yian Sin, Yvonne said...

Well.. for a starter, I buy things on9 too.. but frm a trustworthy website.. Kids nowadays are somewhat being pampered.. so.. they might not know the "danger" lie ahead of them..
In the mean time, those youngsters that read your blog, they might be bit more ahead since you are giving them some warning d right?

frm :

jolene said...

i always delivery my customer's orders once they make their payments. and if they're not satisfy with a particular good, they can feedback to me and i'll give them a replacement or optional items. i will never do such con jobs!

DaHLia said...

so far, i didnt have any problem in online shopping...normally, in the forum, we can report the cons in a special thread.
to be safe, just purchase with seller with good testimonials.

Alpha Ace said...

i got a bad online shopping experience too~

MCB~*%$#@*& that was with
i purchase a Limit Edition Tarot Deck from them which cost RM100 but i don't think cheat me but our local delivery who cart it away~!

Amazon sent it ..but just didn't receive... next time better subscribe FeDEX courier as well ...geeee it cost extra RM40 ... mahai~

fuck purchase online ... it cost a lot and quite unsecured in this Bodohland

Jimmy T said...

Agree =]

Dylan Phuah said...
I've never tried PayPal before, though I want to check it out one day in the future.

But then, a huge majority of online shoppers do not have PayPal. That's is why we use the non secure way of online transfer and bank deposits.

yeah, money flying away just like that is a heart-breaker. Kids are getting smarter and smarter. Smarter but never wiser.

that's true. online shopping needs to have research done first.

Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё:
most of the time, cases like this happen in forums. i have not heard of any news pertaining to this which happend in a blogshop before.
but do be careful when you shop online.

well, that's true. that's why da con fella kena now. lots of people had made police reports.

the police are on to this case already.

we do not need any more cons in this world. :(

Jard The Great:
make sure your kid is smart and wise. not smart with a black heart.

positive feedbacks are always important when someone buys online.
buy safe.

trusted sites sometimes can have mistakes too. but there are more reliable than forums and blogshops.
what you said is true, we should always check the feedbacks first.

if the buyer and seller agrees, then that's the best way.
however, online shopping is also to make it easy for the buyer as he/she does not need to leave the house. that's why most people dont provide face-2-face services.

that's true. :) small money lost better than big money lost.

Victor Tan:
we live in a corrupted world. :(

Yian Sin, Yvonne:
kids don't use their brains. i think they grown up too quickly until their brain cells couldn't keep up.

*thumbs up* good for you!

although you can report a person but that con has already succeeded in taking away your money. then it's no use as well. he/she can make a new account and start the con again.
but yes, what you said is true.

Alpha Ace:
delivery can be a problem too. :S

Jimmy T: