Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nang Me, Nang You: The Response

This current post is sort of a reply entry to my previous blog post. In this case, if you have not read the previous post, do take some time to read it first. It may be long but the message needs to get out to all bloggers out there. The link to my previous post is here; Nang Me, Nang You.

nang me nang you innit nuffnang bloggers

I am glad to say that my thoughts on the previous post has reached out to so many bloggers and is getting a good response out of it. I am sure most of you by now have a clearer picture in mind of what blogging really means. It is not about getting to the Top 10, not about monetary issues and surely it not about nangs.

Indeed I have gotten alot of response from my 'Nang Me, Nang You' post. One of my best entries I must say. Now instead of replying the comments there, I will do it here. I will reply and give you my feedback on some of the comments right here in this blog post.

Because I do think that there are more issues which needs to be clarified more and what a not a better way to do it but a blog post? That way, we can get different perspectives on how we are looking at the issue and thus, have a better conversation about the matter.

Now let me start with the comment replying.
Jimmy said...
i got stuck in this culture for the previous few hours until Yat made me realise that i'm blogging for the sake of money. I swear not to do this again. Honestly, i think nuffnang should ban this culture.
For those who have seen me into this "nang me nang you" culture, i'm sorry and i regret getting involved at the first place.
Well, the fact is, most people do see money before they see anything else. I mean, who doesn't like money? If there's a chance to make/generate money, I am sure you will go for it right? I know I will too. However, think of it this way. Do you want to earn your money and use it happily or do you just want to make money the wring way? To make things even more simple, ask yourself, do you want to go to work to earn your salary or do you want to rob a bank and secretly using the money?

It's the same thing for blogs, do you want people to just randomly click on your blog and leave or do you want them to actually appreciate what you have written in your blog? And may I quote this from Tzia's blog, "Comments from the reader, to me, is the most amazing thing about a blog." Yes, comments and response are those things that just keeps your blog alive. Unless of course you want to keep your blog private and personal but other than that, I'm sure you are looking for some kind of response from the readers right?

Saying that Nuffnang should ban this culture, to me, can't really work. Cultures are hard to be banned because cultures comes from a person's doings, a person's attitude and a person's action. That's is why to get rid of this so called culture, we need to find the source, which is us bloggers. Enlighten those who are unaware and I'm sure, this culture will not happen. :)
cr3ap said...
    Well, people started it, I just followed up the trend since I'm still new at blogging. I also wish my blog to be worthy and have some good comments too. I actually do agree that those people asking people to nang here and there quite annoying. But I can't help it but just to follow the trend. But this evening someone scolded me and write about something in the chatbox. Therefore from there onwards I stopped posting about nang anymore. I totally support your voice out and you should comment to the nuffnang.
Trends are easy to follow aren't they? Getting new bloggers into the scene is great! The more the merrier. If I was new to the blogging scene, I would have most probably followed the trend too. I mean since everybody is doing it, why shouldn't I? It's like, if I don't follow the trend, then I will be left behind. That's what happening in the real world; everyone is trying to keep up with the latest fashion, latest gossips, latest TRENDS. There are good trends and bad ones, we just need to figure it out by ourselves which is best for us to follow. :)
Jessy said...
I do agree with u. I did promote my blog on the cbox too. But even if I get nangs, i wun be very happy since they nang u js so u return the favour and not actually reading the blog.
I do get frustrated too when people go around and say "i've nang u, return the favour"
But because of the abuse, those which I have came across with good blog post but are not in top10 is because they did not participate in the "nang exchange" activity.
So I guess the best way is to remove the chatbox! Yep! u shuld request to nuffnang!

Jas said...
I agree with you wholeheartedly on this matter. Having said that, readership is really much more important than traffic (:
Well in any case, I've experienced a 'sudden' increase in traffic after posted something on innit but after a few days gone 'silent' for not posting anything new, my traffic dropped back flat again. This goes on and on...
Bloggers these days do not visit other blogs for updates/entries/posts anymore. They visit for one reason only and that reason is hoping that other bloggers will visit their blog back and in turns, increase their traffic.
This so-called new culture began as a result of the blooming of the blogging industry. Recently, there are more and more blogs starts to operate and bloggers felt compelled to compete against each other. With thousands of blogs out there, who's gonna read all of em'? We dont have thousand of readers, because basically everyone's a blogger and in their opinion, "why read yours? I got my own blog!". So the fastest way to gain 'emergency traffic is by basically 'working together'
Simply put, I view you - You view me! I click your Nuffnang ads - You click my Nuffnang ads. And etc etc etc you get my drift....
In my opinion, this new culture has brought a whole new meaning to blogging....
But heck, I still from time to time nang others in hoping that they'll nang me back all in the name of getting 'emergency traffic' (:
That's so true. What's the use of just getting nangs when nobody even reads your blog or gives feedback? Getting into the top list means nothing if you do not have quality posts. Readers are just going to ignore your blog the next time, which means that you will need to 'work' for nangs everytime you write a blog entry. However, if you keep on posting on quality posts, you will get positive response and maybe gain some readership. :)
Dak Wan said...
Vive Le Difference! I do believe that nowadays it's all about monetary gain. There is no such value as good blog post any more. Anyway, why join Nuffnang if it is not for money rite?
Sometimes it is about monetary gains. Money can be a very big issue and it is important as well but like what I said in my reply to the first comment above, do you want to earn money or rob money? Having the feeling of doing it the right way always feels better don't you think so?

I disagree with what you have said that 'there is no such value as good blog post any more'. With how you have said this, it can mean two things. You are either saying blog posts can't be rated good or bad OR there aren't any good blog posts anymore. Well, rating blog posts can be a very subjective matter but depending on how mush feedback a blog gets, we can more or so at least say how 'good or bad' that particular blog is. But if what you meant was the latter, how sure are you? Are you saying all blog posts are bad and poor now? Then what is the use of having a blog then?

What Nuffnang offers us bloggers are more than its monetary values it brings us. Yes, many would have joined Nuffnang because it offers us a way to make money, which is from the ads but Nuffnang isn't all about that. It is also a platform for us to get to know more people in this case more bloggers out there. Gaining monetary values from Nuffnang is just a side option. :)

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd may be a business and I know one of the purpose of having a business is to make money and through their advertisement on blog, they are able to generate profit from there. Nuffnang being an advertising company means they ADVERTISE things. Having said so, if you are looking for nangs just for the sake of traffic and people coming in clicking your ads. Then what's the point of having Nuffnang in the first place when they are not advertising anything?!
Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade its viewers, readers or listeners to take some action. It usually includes the name of a product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer, to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume that particular brand. -Wikipedia
With that I shall end this long and lengthy post. Sorry that I can't reply to all of the comments I've gotten from the previous post. If I did that, this post will be SUPERBLY LONG! But most of your comments speak for itself and some may find it similar to the ones I've posted here. So, I think I have spoken enough. Let's hope things change for the better.

Have fun blogging!


kenwooi said...

yeah, have fun blogging..
just post at innit, if people wanna read and nang, let them be...
no point pestering people to "HEY DUDE COME NANG ME!"

cheers! =D


Ninja Coffee said...

looks like a lot of ppl are very supportive to your ideas.

Kelvin said...

I got average 15 comments in a post now and i feel so happy about it, but my nuffnang nangs is like shit, so i think my readers really enjoy my posts:) Hope so lah.

Ghosty Nana said...

Good blog, bad blog, is too subjective. depends on the taste of every ready. some like to read long writing, some like short.
If you yourself like the post, click the ad as gratitude gesture.
Frankly, b4 I was only reader,I didn't click ads. Now, I clicked ads if i like the post. Certainly not by force.

atreyu strange said...

For all we know, Dylan must be working for Nuffnang as a mole! Hahaha!!

Kidding ok..

But, it'd be cool if it's true anyway! Haha!

ShiN said...

that was great.. seems like some of them agree with your post..
and i'm glad u make them awake xD
keep up the good work, dude :)

From The News said...

interesting post!
sure lot of traffic coming to your blog now :)


Nikel Khor said...

some ppl feel that is the way to increase traffic..

Nikel Khor

Victor Tan said...

Hey good point out there. I did actually made a small experiment here. I posted a NN Innit update and then I check out the nangs I got and see how much it boost my page visits. As a result, it doesn't really increase the visit stats that much. People just nang you, but they don't really visit much. Even so, they will only just view one page of yours and they will not mind coming back.

Readership is more important. I don't have much readers, as I'm happy that ever since I shifted from Multiply.com to Blogger, I earned more readership than ever. As long as they come visiting your page always, regardless daily or weekly, you got readership and that's fine. All we need to do is to spread your page out and see if your site satisfy others or not. :)

All the best.

roger said...

HAHA you know my idea ;)

Imma working on it!

Dylan Phuah said...

yeah, i'll continue posting it up there. haha! look at you, already so famous. i wonder how you do it? :D

Ninja Coffee:
feedbacks i got are mostly positive ones, but I am sure there are people who oppose what I am doing now. But that's life. the Yin and Yang. :)

wow! 15 comments is alot. That means readers do enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work!

Ghosty Nana:
it is true. ratings blogs can be very subjective. it really all depends on a person's taste, just like what you have said.

atreyu strange:
me? a mole? I'm an egg! LOL!

i think things are going okay. :)

From The News:
traffic is okay. Slightly higher than the usual. :)

Nikel Khor:
it's true. but having traffic isn't everything. :) you need to have loyal readers too.

Victor Tan:
its true. sometimes you get nangs more than readers. i've experienced the same thing too! haha!

wah! really ar? need help must ask from me okaY?! :D

ween said...

GREAT points! I love the way u deliver ur thought. I don't get involve with innit anymore. u are right, the culture 'nang me, nang u' is just concern about the traffic. and as for me, I do prefer loyal readers who come to read and appreciate my entry :)

Mizzsharon said...

After reading both of your blog post...

I feel fine, if someone visit my blog and ask me to nang back in return. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Who knows? I might stumbled upon a blog worth reading?

Think about it this way, what's the purpose of penning down all your thoughts and no one is gonna read it?

I, personally, do not nang people and don't ask people to nang back. I prefer leaving comments. I read. You are right. Whats the point of people coming into your blog and not reading but just so to get you to visit back?

Might as well just have a chatbox blog rite? LoL. You should try doing that and see how many "nangs" you get in a day. LoL.

I used to check my stats count everyday. But not anymore. At one period, when my count was soooo low, I feel demotivated and just wanna be lazy for awhile and not blog.

Then I realize, even if other people might not appreciate my work as much as I do myself. I am still happy that there is a minor number of followers and what not =).

This is one of the longest comment I have ever written! OMG. Good on you Dylan =)

zack zukhairi said...

say 'no' to the 'nang me nang u' culture. thumbs up for u bro.

Elaine New said...

well said!

when i just joined innit, i spent like so much time asking ppl 2 nang me n things like tat. then i realized that those ppl do not actually read them. slowly i tried 2 reduce my habit of askin ppl 2 nang and just put the blog post out hoping that ppl will read n aso nang it. i still practise it abit but after reading ur post, u made me realize tat it was kinda silly. i think il stop doing that. =)

anyhow, innit did bring more visitors (ppl i dun know at all) who really READ my blog posts and write comments related to the posts. =)

Clarisse Teagen said...

The way to break this culture is simple,. Elect moderators to ban the spammers. Simple,
Case solved.

Dylan Phuah said...

why not get involved in Innit completely? You still can come to Innit. Just don't bring in the culture, that's all! :) I do really hope to see you around more.

Readership FTW eh! Glad that there are people who are on the same ship as I am.

zack zukhairi:
thanks for supporting! let's keep that bad culture away!

Elaine New:
well, spamming links there can be annoying. think of it this way, when you're chatting with friends, then suddenly a whole lot of links keeps jumping into the chatbox. that would be awfully irritating right?

good for you that you have made the right decision! BRAVO! :) hope to see more of your updates.

Clarisse Teagen:
but innit is not a forum. :/

zaradgreat said...

i get that
i've already read ur post before this bout the nang culture.

i'm a bit new bout innit eventhough bout 4 months already i've joined nuffnang. i thought nang doesn't give anything and i just click who ever i want. plus i'm so bored here.

and thanks. u make me clear. and i had my lesson. tq for the info. and i'll nang after i've read the post. tq zhengdhong!


Charlene said...

nice post..."thumb up" for the post... now i realise how bad it is... thanks for sharing..i had my lesson..

Kimberly said...

Hey there, firstly thanks for your comment on my post. The truth is... I read the Nang Me Nang You post of yours, it was just too good for me to comment. It's reasonably long, in a good way of cuz =) That post was like... a whole chapter in a textbook for bloggers (if there is such a thing) LOL Thanks again, for waking up those *ahem* bloggers that lives by nangs. Monetary gains we got from Nuffnang is definitely a BONUS for us bloggers, Bonus as in extra or reward for bloggers who have blogged about good, attractive(comics~ the egg yolks' blog is nice too LOL), hopefully educating (like tat post of yours)etc. and from there, got those hard (earned/received? I don't know which to put) traffics.

Take care and let's have fun blogging~ =)

Зו В๑๑i™ •× said...

i just like the feeling pl cisit me =D