Sunday, November 7, 2010

Form 6 Students Sleep In Class

memory lane

I realised that it has been awhile since I last posted a Walk Down Memory Lane Blog post. So here I am doing a quick update.

So after the Lost World of Tambun trip, I had a few months of holiday time before starting Form 6. I was working at a cafe back then with my friends but I don't have pictures during that time. Can't update you guys on that.

Anyway, Form 6 started. Do you want to know what Form 6 students do in class? Well, take a look.

form 6
They listen very attentively in class. Seriously, they don't even blink.

form 6
 Then after awhile, their eyeslids start to get heavier. "We'll rest our eyes for awhile", they said.

form 6
Two minutes later, their heads start to get heavier. Hmm...

form 6
Well, you get the last picture.

Sorry for the blur pictures though, it was taken with a camera phone.
And no, we do not really sleep in class, not all the time at least. LOL! Form 6 students are very hardworking 'ya know! All the above was just an re-enactment and that's not how our classes look like.

Hope you enjoy and and a laugh.

Until next time, I'll post up more interesting pictures.

p/s: My hair looks weird here. Haha!

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