Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Day I Bought A Buffalo

What's the lifespan of a laptop? Some say it's 5 years but mine is already giving me problems.

First of, I cannot really take it out with me anymore because whenever I do, I will have problems starting the system. I don't know why but the system either fails to load or it will restart the loading process on its own.

Then, now I'm having this problem of my laptop restarting automatically. I was surfing the net doing my own thing when laptop's screen suddenly turns off and the whole system restarts itself! It already happened twice!

Having afraid of losing my files. I went out to the farm in search of a Buffalo. And indeed I found one.
I bought this animal for RM219 and it weights 1 tonne! Is this a good deal or what? How much did you get yours for?
Well, it runs on AC power which means it decreases mobility which I don't really mind actually. I just need it to back-up my files and also plough my land.
All my files are backed-up now and I am happy. I feel safe.

But I do hope that my laptop does not die on me. It's like my life now.
Unless some company decides to sponsor me a new one. =)

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