Friday, October 17, 2008

Samsung INNOV8 Run

I got an e-mail from Samsung Malaysia yesterday. It's an invitation to a event which will be organised by Samsung. It's the Samsung INNOV8 Run!

The event will be held on the 1st of November as part of the introduction to Samsung's latest mobile phone to Malaysia. To apply for this event, all I have to do is to blog about why
I would like to participate in this event and send them the link to the post. So here it goes...

Now why would I want to participate in such an event. Well, first of all, I need to tell you guys that I have never participated in any kind of events such as this and it would really be an eye-opener for me if I was chosen for the event.

I'm all packed for a full day of adventure! What more can you say when you are given Samsung's latest model, the INNOV8 to handle! Hmm, with the brief explanation given at the website, BlogMob, it sounds like some Amazing Race adventure! I've always wanted to join some crazy fun-filled adventure like this and now's the time for me to take opportunity of this event.

So Samsung Malaysia and BlogMob, please CHOOSE ME! =]

To know more about this event, try these links: