Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is It Wrong By Being a Gay Person?

What do you guys think about people who are…hmm, how do I say this, somehow different from me and you. Well, I’m talking about homosexuals, people who are gay.

Have you ever met one before? Do you have a friend who is gay? How do you treat them? Do you look at them like someone who is normal or someone who is different from yourself?

Recently I’ve heard some stories about gay couples and stuff. Now picture this, a guy and a girl can go on a normal boy-girl relationship and does not need to hide this fact from anybody but what if both the two people are guys? Is this acceptable in our community? It seems like they would have to keep it a secret from some people. Hey, I’m not going against these people but just merely asking you guys about your opinion on this. So, no offense over here aite?

Take a look at this scenario. A guy, who is gay of course, wants to take his boyfriend back home for a sleep over but his parents is already suspecting something. So, to convince his parents, he decides to bring home one of his friend who is a girl and tells his parents that he is in a relationship with the girl.

It is like, once you have found out that your gay. You find the need to hide the fact from the world.

What do you think about this matter?


YongWei said...

Guy and guy = Not ok, its freaking wrong.

Girl and Girl= Only ok if both pretty.


watch the first video to get what i mean.

M-Tequila said...

it's just plain shallow of u to say that yongwei. so only girl with girl les who is pretty is allowed to face the world? tetttt... wrong.

it's really their sexuality that they are born with it. some people still thinks that being a homo is a sickness, mental disease. thats why they have this perspective on gays n les. thats why homos feel the need to hide. they do not want to be discriminated and they want to be treated as normal human beings, not some weirdo who loves to be with a same sex person.

but look from another view, are they any different from straights? do they love their parents lesser? do they still give their whole responsibility in studies or work? are they still doing what straights do?

i seriously still pity those who still need to hide and respect those who are totally out from the closet.

i'm out. :)

p/s, what makes u wanna ask about this?

Yik Yang Nicholas said...

im totally against homosexuals. It's against the faith i'm in. It's just no right. Dude,u gay?haha!

~JoAnN LiM~ said...

I think the natural order of things is male to female... So yeah, i disagree with homosexuality. The fact is that homosexuality has been around for centuries but still isnt widely accepted whilst boy-girl relationships have. Why? Simply bcos ppl dont find it natural.

Chobits said...

Erm..i have gay and les frens but i still treat them normal like my good friends, i won't look down at them. Though based on religion and morality, it doesn't seem right but i will still respect them. As long as they are happy and is not harmful to the society. But i disagree with the person in the story you mentioned, he can keep the secret but it's not right to cheat on his parents. How about you? Are you the one in the story? Hehe~xp

phingy said...

I have nothing against them. however i feel that its wrong if they were to have children.

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