Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Day Out at Berjaya Times Square

Here's another short update from the 'now not so frequent updater' blogger.

ME! =D

Nothing much has happened this past whole week. Nothing exciting yet.

Well, I went to Times Square yesterday to do myself a little bit of shopping. I had Madelyn to accompany me (thanks eh!).

Ended up buying a new pair of All Star Converse, two SEED men's shirt and two caps. Anybody want to follow me on my next shopping hunt? 'Cause I'm not done yet!

Later on, we went for dinner at this place called Vivo American Pizza & Panini. Check out what we ordered.

For me, Oriental Baked Rice. Cheese! You just can't hate it.

For her, Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti. If you are craving for cheese and spaghetti, this is what you should order. That's what she said. =]

For us, Mango Delight. Nothing can go wrong with this drink.

Getting hungry now eh? You guys should really check out the place. The environments great. So, put on your shoes now and head on to Times Square. By the way, it located at the Lower Ground Floor.