Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Birthday Celebration

A person's birthday comes once in every year and this time it is my turn. Me and a few of my friends went to this cafe in Genting Kelang called Little Tree Cafe to celebrate my birthday (yesterday, 24th October) and the other reason was that the 'bucket' was cheap. ;P

So once again, let the pictures do the talking.

and so we ordered...

this was what I ate, Creamy Cheese Grilled Chicken Chop *delicious*

Thai Chili Chicken Rice

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

and a half eaten Peanut Toast. HAHA! *opps*

Tropical Forest (this one was on the house; only for birthday boy :P), also half eaten.

and not forgetting the buckets XD!

Mr. Money ordered a third bucket when he came a few minutes later. 0.o

Sim Money, Yen Lin, Jacklyn, Keng Ping

not forgetting, birthday boy and Madelyn =]

the ambiance was not bad, they even had people singing live.
(well, except that the electricity went of for about half an hour or so, and the staff kept on fiddling with the power supply box, bringing the lights on and off finding out what the problem was which made my eyes hurt. Besides that, everything else is good)

there was this other table of people also celebrating their friend's birthday. So, we managed to take a photo with them.

here's a picture with the singers =)

Happy Birthday to me =)

Thanks a lot you guys!