Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Chosen For The Samsung INNOV8 Run!

I'm chosen! I'm chosen! Yeah, I'm going for my first ever event! HAHA!

I'm chosen for the Samsung INNOV8 Run!

When I checked my mail today, to my surprise I was sent an e-mail by BlogMob.

I quickly opened it, wondering what the content is. Probably some newsletter i presumed.

The first line really took me by surprise! ME chosen? For an event I registered online? WOW! This seems to be the first time for me to be joining events like this. Seriously!

So, I've already replied to BlogMob about my participation. I guess I'll see you guys there on the 1st of November!

Samsung INNOV8, you're gonna be mine! *ngek ngek ngek*

More details here:
BlogMob: SAMSUNG Mobile