Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back in Kay-elle!

Alright! I'm back in KL already (just came back today).

Well, since my blog have been left idle for a few months before my post before this, it is nice to know that people are still coming in to check for updates =). Thanks for the comments given regarding my previous post. Will do some deep thinking now.

Like what I said, I'm already back in my home sweet home in kay-elle. Found some time to blog, so here I am. So my second semester is going to start on Monday. It's going to be hectic, I tell you. My time-table is crazy! I have classes five days a week and that's not the bad news. The bad news is that three of the days i need to get to class in the morning and only finish class at five in the evening! Gonna be knocked out after class =S.

New semester equals a new start for me. Need to get myself pumped up for studies. Hopefully, I'll do better. Then again, results for the semester one exams are coming out soon. Aiks!

That's all for now. Take care peeps.