Friday, October 17, 2008

Blog Contest a Way to Boost Traffic ; Quantum of Solace: 007 Contest

Blogging seems to be growing in our society already. Most of the people I know, already have their own blogs. Well, when people blog, some of them do not really care about the amount of visitors who visits their blog site, while some will do whatever it takes to promote their site. =] Hits per day counts!

So, what are the ways for one to get more and more hits? Usually they will just join blog rings and stuff. Right? Nowadays, some have even got to the extent to hold a blog contest, just to invite more visitors. I guess that's a great idea! Isn't it?

Talking about blog contests, you can find a lot of them circulating around the blog-sphere. You just have to carefully look out for them. It can come from blog hosting sites or from blog sites of bloggers, just like me and you.

I myself have joined a handful of contest and have won one also!

Anyways, if you prefer your site meter to shoot up like a rocket. Why not try hosting a blog contest of your own?

There is one more thing. You people might have known about the current blog contest going on right? Yeah, it's the Quantum of Solace: 007 Contest hosted by YouthSays. All you have to do is to upload a picture of a potential Bond Girl and gather votes! It's that simple! What are you waiting for? Start uploading...

and while you're at that, don't forget to vote for my entry. Many thanks to those who did. :)
You can click on the 007 Flyer at the 'top-middle' section of my blog or you can click this link to get there:

Quantum of Solace: 007 Contest

Thanks again!