Monday, October 13, 2008

Love or Money?

I've been getting a blogger's block these few days. Having nothing to update about. So I'm just going to write the following entry based on the topic I got today from English class.

Yea, the tutor gave each of us topics to talk about. You can call it an impromptu presentation and my topic was...

Which is more important? Love or Money? Why?

Here are my thoughts on this. Well, to me right now, I think that being a student away from home, money is more important to me. This is because, as a student, you need money for food and transport. With insufficient cash in hand, it is barely possible for you to survive alone and be independent. Nowadays, money pays for everything. Bills, tuition fees, and like I said before food and transportation. Many people have said, that money cannot buy everything and being materialistic is a definite no-no. Just to make things clear here, I'm not looking at money as something material right now, I'm looking at it as being a necessity for me to live through my life right now. I guess there isn't must joy and fun living away from home right now, is it?

Then, there's love. As love is a wide topic. It actually depends on how you look at it. Loving your family and friends is of course a normal thing for everyone. To love and be loved.

Looking at a different perspective, love in a sense for a guy-girl relationship. I think that that's something you commit yourself into and should be responsible for it yourself. You really need to balance things up and realise that this kind of love isn't everything and that you should abandon everything else which is going on in your life.

I guess, that's that. In conclusion, I will have to say that right now, money is more important to me as it can solve most of my problems and make my current situation a bit more easy-going.

What say you? What do you think? Love or Money?


Tedd said...

i guess it depends on how you wana c it..

if u c money more important, then there is no point for me to argue that love is more important...

hehe... basically up to urself i guess..

but i wonder how poor ppl manage to live thru everyday life wif so little money, yet happily and with warmth around them..


. said...