Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Girl's Requirements For A Guy To Be Their Boyfriend

I was watching this show called Take Me Out Extra on a local online video streaming site (tonton.com.my). I'm sure most of you are already aware of this show which aires weekly on ntv7.

Take Me Out is a new reality TV show where single guys try their luck to search for that special lady among 30 other girls. If they are successful in impressing someone, they will then go out on a date.

This date will then me recorded and shown on Take Me Out Extra (link to show).

So after watching a few episodes, I can see that different girls have different requirements for their man.
Some wants them to be cute, most want handsome and well-built guys. Guys must be charming and charismatic. Must be able to play sports...and the list goes on.


But then again, it's the same with guys.

We request just as much from girls as well.

So girls, what are the requirements you seek for?

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Pou Leen said...

I guess it's just how people have forgotten how to love... men and women.