Thursday, February 2, 2012

Being Unproductive Inside These Four Walls

Been back in KL for almost a week now.

Not doing too much productive things here though my initial intention of coming back here was to do something productive.

Been sleeping late, as in few hours after midnight and waking up 10 hours later.

Today has just been another one of those days.

Been watching Power Rangers Comic Con and Anime Expo 2011 videos on YouTube.

mighty morphin power rangers
All time fav Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Nothing much went on today.

Oh yes! I'll be going for WongFu Pro at Taylor's Lakeside this Saturday!
If you're gonna be there, let me know.

wongfu pro

1 comment:

daphiexn™ said...

Your Saturday is going to be so wong-de-fu. XD Did you buy the tickets or won them? :D