Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Did I Just Blew It?


It isn't hard for a person to perform what they have to do or to follow what's already planned out for them. However, deciding on what he or she SHOULD and WANT to do in life, sometimes, takes longer than just a few days.

This is the time of the year where baby birds start to have their first ever lesson on flying. Flying seems to be what has been planned out for them but will there be that one bird that decides, it does not want to fly but shall live its life being on land?

It is always rare that this kind of bird exists but if it does, do we call this bird a gem or do we call it a failure? Why would a bird not want to fly? Why would this very bird stray from the planned route which his brothers and sisters will be taking?

It was just recently that this one bird decided that it does not want to fly anymore. It shall choose the road not taken, to see what lies ahead behind the unforeseen valley.


To have a dream and vision of your future surely clears a lot of your doubts away. I was finding my path for the past few years and I think that I have found my way.

I chose to be different. Being a worker was not in my 101s. I made up my mind to create my own 101s. That's when it started to feel like everything I do was a risk. It is like hanging by a ledge on a rope made from cloth. You either make it or you fall.

So my mind was made up. I woke up one day, realised that taking over the Planet wasn't the choice for me. So, I took my one and only map and went scouting for the rose amongst the thorn bushes.

To only realise that the rose had blossomed and many other were going after it too.

Was I being too relaxed or is that just how Scorpios are?

All I can do now is to wait.

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