Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Designers VS Artists


Which one are you?

Being in the creative arts field, we have what we call the 'designers'. They make all the creative things in our society. From packaging design, to billboards, web designs, magazine covers, clothings and many more stuff around you. Designers work round the clock sacrificing sleep and rest just to get things done on time.

They are always rushing for time. Clients come first, which makes designers the second class of people after 'the clients'. Most of the time what designers would do is to take note to what the client wants to have in a project and follow each and every requirement up till the very smallest pixel. This might give less room for the freedom to be creative. You are some how restricted. So, do all designers work for money and money alone? Because all they do is to follow instructions and get paid in the end.

Now if you are an artist. You create from your heart and others will learn to appreciate your work. Being an artist to me is a one-eighty turn away from being a designer. There's more freedom into creating an artwork and by the end of the day, you'll have a piece of art that is close to your heart and it will not just be 'another project'.

Can there ever be an intersection between a designer and an artist? If they were, I would rather be an artist who can design rather than a designer who does art.

...but at this moment, I have to be 'the designer'. I guess it's the only way to earn some fast cash.

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y.Ho said...

I like how you define artist and designers differently. Yes, i agree they're different. But it's not exactly 180 degrees different. Like, designers have to design what the clients want while artists have the full freedom. But no matter what, they both design stuffs and they do have appreciation towards art, so they're still similar in this case. It's just that, designers are more commercialised, since they have to eat while fine artists, they're more artistic that kind. :D