Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Lifestyles of Generation Y and Generation Z


It wasn't very hard to get the topic started.
It just took us a few glasses of red wine.

So the question was, "Would you get into a relationship because you knew it was love or because of responsibility?"

Most of us start off being infatuated, that's when the feelings start to develop which then turns into love. How much do you agree with this statement?

Or do you believe in love at first sight?

Ahhh... That's just bull because nobody and I mean NOBODY feels that way in this generation of life. Everyone's insides are as itchy as ever if you ask me.

Then there's this question of starting it off with a someone if that person has feelings for you. Would you? Will you start a relationship if you know that person is somehow hinting on you?

To me, it depends.

It isn't that easy now compared to the generation before me, Generation X. At that time, I can say that true love truly exists. That's when the term forever love really exists.

So what's with Generation Y and Generation Z?

I might be wrong but from what I observe and know, there aren't many GenY girls available anymore. It's either their already attached or they are career driven. So if you're a guy from GenY, you'll mostly end up with GenZ girls.

But GenZ girls are just so very different from GenY girls. Most of them still in their early 20s or younger. Being born into the world when technology is fully developed, does this mean that GenZ girls are mostly dependent on others and more demanding?

They can be mature for their age but the way they think is different from the GenYs. Why oh why is this so? It makes courting so much more tougher.

...and that's the summary of what went on after having 3 bottles with ma hommies.


ken said...

hmm.. pretty true i'd say.. never thought of it.. but yeah.. booze makes us think better? :P

Danny said...

End of the day, it's the parents who develop their children. Peer pressure plays a healthy role in growing up, but in the long run it's the parents who have to educate their own children.