Monday, January 30, 2012

I Just Turned Down A Job Offer


I was woken up by a phone call this morning, where by I just turned off the ringing tone and went back to sleep. It was almost noon at that time but since it's the holidays, why not sleep in late right? FYI, I woke up around five something in the evening today.

That call turned out to be coming from the company I applied to for an internship position. They were looking for an intern to do design. I got to know this from a friend who is currently interning there as well (received his text message a couple of minutes after the missed call).

After some thought, I decided to turn down this offer. I have a few reasons for why I did so.

One; I applied to intern in this company not as a designer but as an intern who does the usual intern job there. So that I could learn more from there.

Two; If I were to apply as a designer I will probably apply at a design firm.

Three; Knowing the fact that designers have shitty jobs to do and crazy deadlines, I would not want to be stressed out doing design work during my internship.

It kind of disappointing that I could not get the job I wanted but then again, with the time I have in my hands now allows me to start on working on my own dreams.

It has been going on in my heads for months now. Hopefully, my dreams will start to come true this year.

If only I could wake up earlier.

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