Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simple Plan Live in Kuala Lumpur

SIMPLE PLAN finally came to Malaysia!


They were hyping up KL Live last Saturday.
Fans came in groups filing up the intimate venue.

The place went SP crazy once they started singing,
and it did not stop until the end of the concert.

It was songs after songs, back to back.
Now, that's what you call a concert!


Their old school songs really brought back memories
and rekindled the SP fanboy in me. =]

I'm Just A Kid
Shut Up
...just to name a few

It was a full 90 minutes performance by Simple Plan.
The venue made it even better as you can get a good view
and experience no matter where you are standing.
Rock Zone, Upper Tier, Lower Tier say good morning, when it's midnight~
-Jet Lag


That night was simply euphoric!
They sang Perfect from their album No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls...
which was the perfect closing song.

Until the next Simple Plan concert, keep on rocking!

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