Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Is The Meaning Of Life To You?

If you have noticed, my banner has been scraped of the word 'Comic'. This means that I will not be drawing any Eggy comics anytime soon but it doesn't mean I'm never going to get back to it. To my dear readers, I hope that you will not be dissappointed, it's just because I need a time-out for a little while. I won't be drawing comics but I will still be updating my blog. So, I'll see you around. Take care.

Have you ever come across a time in your life where everything seems so messed up and the only thing you want is for a blink of an eye an everything returns to normal just the way you want it to be?

Have you ever wondered if sometime back in the past, you would have made another choice, all that is now will not be the same?

Have you ever thought of what life will be like if you have not made the choices you made in the past?

Have you ever wondered why other people are different from you, why can they make it in life and you just can't seem to find your way?

Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you were that much wealthier?

Have you ever wished that it's not you that is living your life?

Have you ever wanted a person in your life whom you can relate and talk to?

Have you ever been shut down by that person because of some mistakes you have made?

Have you ever thought about what you have done or are you that selfish to think that all you have done has nothing to do with it?

Have you ever wanted to be a better person but it just seems quite impossible at this stage of life?

Have you ever wanted to just wished that time passed a little bit faster so that you would know what the future will look like?

Have you ever wanted time to go a little bit slower so that you will have more time to have your loved ones beside you?

Have you ever wished that you will become a better person?

Have you ever wished what life would be like if everything you did was right.

Have you ever...

Life is full of questions, mysteries and challenges. Facing one is never easy but we have no choice. Living your life is never easy. Talk about living mine, I challenge you. People always say that there are others out there living a life far worse than yours. Yes, this may be true but does that really help get you through the troubles in life? Where can you find the answers to life? Wouldn't it be great if we can just flip to the back of the page to find the answers.

Have you ever felt so alone in life?

Have you ever thought, what does life mean to you?


kenwooi said...

the word "comic" was there the last time i saw it.. =)

p/s: enjoy life!

Lukey Cher Hong said...

If we mop too much about the past, life will go nowhere.

If we worry too much about the future, life will go nowhere too.

Just live it up to your best in the present then life will surely bring lots of meaning!

Wishing for too many things wouldn't change anything, what's more important is to go out there and make ur wish come true!

And besides, God designed each human to be unique, and not everyone is perfect. We compliment each other. So no point comparing our life with life of others! Just be happy and be content with our own is enough.

Cheer up bro! Life is how you want it to be!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Basically the story behind "there are ppl living poorer than you" is to make you look at the brightside. It don't need proof


 Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё  said...

well, life mean alot to me (:

The reason i continue my life, is because i want to meet tomorrow. You might want to give up sometimes, when you think you felt to the deepest. But have you ever think before, there are even more people in the world staying under the sea, haven manage to swim up but they never give up.

Like what tian chad said, there are even more poorer people than you in the world. (: Think positively, and stay strong. There's always a better tomorrow (:

Cheers my friend! (:

Dylan Phuah said...

yeah, and its scraped off for now.

Cher Hong:
'Life is how you want it to be!' I like that.

Tian Chad:
yes, i know but I'll be ok. i hope.

thanks girl. i will look forward for tomorrow will be another day. another brighter day i hope.