Saturday, April 24, 2010

Are You Of Legal Age To Vote?

What my question is referring to is the national election or the pilihan raya. So are you 21 years of age now?

When you were younger, do out always want to get older so that you will have the chance to vote? I am already eligible to cast my vote but will I?

To the thousands and millions of voters out there, how many of you actually have a reason for voting or do you know who you are voting for? Or are you just going by your instinct?

I mean voters really need to follow up on politics and what's actually going on around them. If they are voting blindly just because they only know one candidate's name on the list, that's wrong I think.

Vote for whom you think is capable of bringing up the country's name and NOT for someone who call out names during meetings. If you know what I mean.

Undilah jika mempunyai ilmu yang secukupnya.


kenwooi said...

i think i will vote? =P

Dewi Batrishya said...

"Vote for whom you think is capable of bring up the country's name & NOT for someone who call out names during meetings."
*Dude, nicely said.. huhu
Couldn't agree more!
P/s: Nice BLog!!! :D

chris_lim said...

Im only eligible to vote end of this year. But seriously what u say is true. I have no clue about our nation's politics. I think many don't bother like me too.

~eRiC~ said...

register dy lar you?

Victor Tan said...

I'm under registering process to be a voter, as being told by my family members. But somehow I am a political atheist. I can't trust either parties - the current party or the opposition. Both of them are trying to win public opinion throughout the year round. You see, politics are showbusiness. Even if they promise you this and that they won't fulfil your wishes 100% if they get elected.

Mr. Najib or Anwar, both sides are trying to win your votes, and of course, both parties will be battling each other everywhere, in newspapers and even in the Parliament. It's really sick to listen to quarrels in the hansards.

TZ said...

We should exercise our RIGHTS...

Please don't be those ppl who don't vote but say so say much... I consider those ppl NATO (No action talk only). I don't think they should also have the rights to talk if they not going to vote.

Go and register and Happy Voting eh~

Victor Tan said...

TZ, if you talking to me, I'm just sharing out my opinion. Freedom of speech.

Don't you know I'm under registering as voter as stated in my previous comment. I will practice my rights, but I remained as a political atheist. MY choice depends on whose credible, though I don't know whose sincere. Can't you see that you are indoctrinated by today's social norms? The newspapers you see are tainted with "propagandas" from both sides, while politicians promised many things that are not 100% true. One good example from outside Malaysia is President Obama. He promised that he would take his soldiers out of Iraq, but still the soldiers are still there. He even got a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing.

Do not judge, or you'll be judged in the same way.

Dylan Phuah said...

who will you be voting for? hehe!

Dewi Batrishya:
^^. thanks!

I think a lot of us have no clue about what is happening in our country.

nope. haha!

Victor Tan:
i'm already confused with what is happening in the country. @@

YES! We should exercise our rights. But how can we do so if we do not know which side is doing the better job? We can't jsut vote blindly.

Victor Tan said...

That's the point I'm trying to say. If we want to exercise our rights, how are we going to practice it accurately when lip services constantly claiming that they can do this and do that for you? After the persuasions and public relations, then comes fierce finger-pointing moments between the governing party and the opposition. How are you going to know who is saying the truth? Conspiracy theories are everywhere.

It doesn't matter which country you're living in - Malaysia, Australia, America or UK, politics are a battlefield of parties seeking for victory in the court of public opinion. At the end, it's all about self-interest and not social concern. And that, at the same, divides the people within the nation.

We need good leaders, not politicians. The problem is, how are we going to know who's sincere?