Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ipoh, The Town With The Most Leng Luis, A Myth Or A Fact?

Ipoh has been commonly said to have the most pretty girls compared to any other cities in the country.

When a person mentions Ipoh, the other would most likely to reply, 'Wah, a lot of leng lui there ah!'

So is this a fact or is it a myth?

This phrase has been so commonly known thorughout Malaysians but how true is it? First of all, who came up with this 'fact'? Did someone actually collected information and plotted it on graphs and calculated statistics to come out with the answer? Is that even possible? I doubt it.

Up till today, we know that it is still not scientifically or in this case mathematically proven but we still use the phrase whenever we hear people talk about Ipoh. Hey, I'm not complaining, I'm just curious who created this 'fact'. I'm also from Ipoh you know. It doesn't bother me if my hometown holds the most number of leng luis. Haha!

Ipoh, the town with the most leng luis. A myth or a fact? You decide.


kenwooi said...

seriously, no more accompanying eggy comic?

Isabellmiao said...


Khai Ven said...

well, i don't know about ipoh, but i do know that penang has more leng luis compared to kl..based on personal observation..haha..

kl girls are more well dressed and knows how to 'ta pan' to make themselves look more attractive..on the other hand, penang girls are not too bad in that either, but when you walk around the malls in penang and etc, it is obvious that there will be alot of naturally-pretty-looking ones (compared to kl)..haha

anyway, this is just my personal opinion..


Shamel said...

haha. you wouldn't know without proper statistics. but pretty girls are just everywhere.. and i wonder thab, is there any fact on the other hand saying 'handsome guys' comes from where?

whatever it is, Ipoh memang bes. haha.

chris_lim said...

U should come to Sydney, 70% of the girls are dam hot :P

~eRiC~ said...

haha, beautiful people are mostly coming from ipoh... leng lui ke, leng chai ke...

and most talents come from ipoh as well, if you realize most celebrities are ipohites, and if you're familiar with our local entertainment scene, you'd rather be assured of

Not to forget, a few ipohites make it big in acing scene, michelle yeoh hollywood, another few ones in HK TVB

just that we dont see these beautiful faces around the town usually coz they are all outstation, keep your eyes open during CNY, then u'll see, not bad ar... XD

Anonymous said...

well, why don't try go to West Malaysia? There's alot of white chick and more leng lui...because there got alot of mountain make their skin look more nice. And most of them are a good package!!

Xiaopei said...

I think, even got lengluis also not in their own state. Mostly study abroad or in other states.

jumei. said...

Eh, I don't quite agree lah. You know why ? Most of them I see are either with thick make-up or hair covering 30%-50% of their face. Not natural ley.

I agree with the other commenter, leng luis can be found almost everywhere !

Victor Tan said...

Even if it's either a fact or a myth, all the leng luis "migrate" to KL edi lorr. True wat. Since KL is the largest city where people always go there to find job opportunities and new life, KL is the host already.

Here, I met many pretty faces from Penang, Pahang, Malacca and Johor.

Don't accuse me on spreading KL's hegemony, but it's a fact. Even my hometown (Sabah)'s leng luis go there and study or work.