Friday, April 23, 2010

Being A Designer Isn't Easy

It is becoming a fact to me that I am getting lesser of a creative person. Is it me just being lazy or has my right brain just stopped functioning? Does stress and emotions affect creative brain juice?

Ideas aren't flowing in, I'm looking at the world in black and white and the only music in my ears is silence. Or is it just me being lazy?

Competition is all around me. They are advancing, while I'm losing the race. Or is it me just being lazy?

Designers are often expected to do more than what they can. To be more than what they are now. To create something unexpected and to shoot over that threshold. Now tell me, is that an easy task for you?


Victor Tan said...

Dylan, u should read my friend's page (Cayenne Lim). She's also ranting. So don't worry, life is hard for all of us.

chris_lim said...

Dun batter ur self. All i know is u did a great job on my layout. Thx :)

shaz said...

design is NOT a competition.
as a designer i guess you know the real purpose of 'design' behind of it.
but well undeniable you gota have lotza idea to produce a good design.
anyway, just do ur best in it. don't push urself too hard i guess u'll be able to produce something exquisite. ;)
good luck.

kenwooi said...

hmm.. take your time and reflect on it.. dont let other issues interfere.. all the best.. =)

Ericsoft said...

take a break bro. Design just as yr friend say design is not a competition. design is reflect your imagination and cretive of art.

So, take your time and observe the environment around you maybe u can get some aspirational ideas from the nature.You too stress and too pressured on yourself. I understand how you feel, sometimes such situation may experience by designer or artist because we draw TOO MUCH!!LOL...take care dhong and don't perish your spirit!!Kambade!

Dylan Phuah said...

Victor Tan:
what is she ranting about? what's the link to her blog?

i'm still trying to find myself here. :)

you are welcome and it was my pleasure.

i think i shall reflect.

i think i need to take a walk. said...

add oil... support u forever!!!

this is the period that we call "瓶颈”, u will get out of it one day...

Syafrizal said...

Just be yourself and create your own style. Don't pressure too much. Try branding yourself instead of comparing yourself. Don't stop learning too because you might find new things everyday. You still got much time and you can improve yourself better in time.

ohmywtf said...

oh well...being a designer is a passion, a hobby, i can not be creative if im under take a chill pill and u'll be alright...:-)

Cayenne said...

oh lol. i saw someone mentioned bout me here. i agree with you. i'm just in the same shoe with you right now. my case is too much work, too stressful and i couldnt take it. but until today, i still motivate myself and try to hold on to my dreams. you can do it also!


Dylan Phuah said...
thanks dude! usind Shell Helix now.

I'm still trying. I need to find out who I am first.

where can i buy chill pills?

but all in all stress is good right?

kitmeng said...

Designers need a clear head! :)

Victor Tan said...

lol, Dylan, she's famous enough in Nuffnang edi :)

yes, she commented here :P

 Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё  said...

Relax (: take some break, go on a vacation .. after that im sure you can get back your creative feelings/ideas (:

Don't get too stress over it.