Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Children Of Today Will Become Leaders Of Tomorrow

Children are the leaders of tomorrow.

Children will grow up to be leaders.

Our children will lead the country one day.

I'm sure you have heard of quotes like these before and as a matter of fact, these quotes turned out to be pretty true. It's true, oh it's true, it's damn true!

To make it a better quote, it should sound like this, "Children of today will grow up to be leaders of tomorrow to rule the country like children!"

However to relate it to the present, the quote should be, "Children of the past had grown up to be leaders of today, ruling the country like children!"

Isn't it true? Do you agree? OMG! We are in grave danger!

If you have not gotten the flow of where I am going in this post which I think that you should have already know. I am talking about our leaders. The leaders of Malaysia.

So I was browsing through YouTube watching stand-up comedy acts. So after three to four videos, I came across a video of a meeting held in the Malaysian Parliament. I wonder how that links up? Stand-up comedy and the Malaysian Parliament meeting. Hmm...?

Oh yes, in the Malaysian Parliament, a YB in general has to stand up and give his speech what so ever. If everything goes well, it'll just be a boring speech but if it does not go well, it'll become a stand-up comedy!

Bing bang boom. Words flying across the hall entertaining the whole room and in the end everyone in the hall has switched jobs from being a politician into a comedian. Wow that was fast!

So, i wonder, if they only tell jokes during meetings, how does anything serious get done? OMG, we are indeed living in a jester country.

Haha! If only the things I said above were true. Or is it? Judge for yourself.

Dewan Rakyat Malaysia, Parlimen Ke-11, Penggal Ke-4, Mesyuarat Ke-2

Browse for more at YouTUBE, just search for the keywords 'malaysian parliament'. Enjoy a good laugh!


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

tsk tsk tsk~ Dylan, i think u better blog ur way to become a parlimentarian. Guess u can be better leader than them..

jfook said...

"Children of today will grow up to be leaders of tomorrow to rule the country like children"

I love this!

M a n n R u i said...

bahaha ~
i love this =)
thumbs up thumbs up
guess what
i saw a clips in youtube before
it show the polotician of other country fight for something aggresively
but ours
in lalaland peacefully

Jong said...

Exactly!!! Nang Nang Nang....

~eRiC~ said...

memang like that since god knows when...
malaysia not too bad a place to live in, so many drama unfolds everyday...

Voon said...

totally agree tat malaysian politicians r childish!