Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shout Out!

Been thinking about what to update on. Nothing came across my mind yet. =S
So, I'll just talk a bit about ShoutOut first. Promote abit~ haha!

For those of you who does not know what ShoutOut is, it's the chatbox on the right side of my blog (below the gray one). I'm calling every one of you to sign up and join the family. :-) Its a real time chat box thingy which allows users to chat in real time of course.
Meet up with old friends or make new ones... go on trips together... sure is fun. haha~! Why not take a few minutes of your time and sign up today.

To get more info on this, check out this website: Penang Penang

What I have been doing for the past day or so? Nothing much apparently. Well, yesterday I spent almost the whole day sitting in front of my lappy designing and creating button badges and banners for ShoutOut. Yea, I'm hoping that Lasker will hire me as the Creative Designer. Not like I am some pro or anything. Its a freelance job and freelancers don't need to be pros, right? Or do they? hmm..

So, I sat in front of the screen and started Photoshop-ing. Yeah! I sure miss Photoshop alot! Since my desktop got busted couple of years ago, I haven't been using the computer much since then. Yea, I still do not have a comp at home (the notebook I'm using is an old one, my uncle bought it for me, second hang NEC notebook.) That's why I'm looking forward to the upcoming PIKOM Fair! Yay! Anyway, from the time I woke up right up till night time, I sat in front of my lappy and started to 'play' with Photoshop. Made quite a number of button badges and banners. So proud with my work. =) Yupe, I've sent copies to Lasker already. Hope he checks his e-mail soon!

There's still lots for me to do now before college starts:

1- Get a place to stay
2- Shop for stuff which I will bring to college (matress, pillow, clothes hanger, etc)
3- Get my phone fixed (joystick spoilt! Can't do anything with my phone now!)
4- Shop for clothes!
5- Get a laptop! (so very important)

I need cash so bad right now! Does money grow on trees? *wonders*

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