Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Deal or No Deal?

Well, I’m sure you have seen a lot of games shows on tele. May it be reality game shows like Survivor and The Apprentice or game shows which involve money such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Today I would like to blog about a certain game show, call it a small review if you want to. I’m going to talk about the show, Deal or No Deal?

The program goes like this:
Six contestants will first go through a prelimary round where they have to answer two multiple choice questions in order to be selected to play the game. However, they have to answer the two questions correctly each time as one wrong answer will cause them to be out of the game.

So, moving on to the second part of the game. The lucky person who has answered his or her two questions correctly will then take the centre stage alongside the host of the show.

Host will then talk about the rules, yada yada yada…and now comes the interesting part. Out comes 26 beautiful ladies holding a briefcase each, Revlon girls you call them ;P.

The lucky contestant will then pick a briefcase hoping that the value inside that particular briefcase will be RM100,000 (values ranges from RM0.10-RM100,000). As the game progresses the contestant will have to eliminate a certain amount of briefcases each round to find out what value is in his/her briefcase.

Every round a banker would call in offering the contestant a certain value of money to buy off his case (the banker is the bad guy in this game). The contestant can either take the banker’s offer or continue playing the game hoping that the value in his/her briefcase is of higher value than what the banker is offering.

So the game goes on. You get the point.

What I really want to say is that it is a really boring game show! It’s just a game of opening boxes! Well, apart from the 26 beautiful girls, the nothing much to the show.

But then again, I do like it when contestants play the game by having some strategy. On one episode, the contestant chose all the prime numbers first. He had a good game. Nevertheless, it’s still a game on choosing black boxes! I do wonder, can you really plan out on a strategy and win the game? Like for those mathematics pro people, is there a chance to win by calculating and evaluating the game using Probability? Get back to me on this. I really want to know.

Then there’s the other thing, you know when the banker calls in (phone) to state his offer (the banker will call up and the host will answer), I wonder if the host is really talking to another person on the other side of the line. Haha! ‘Cause it really looks dumb if he’s talking to nobody! =’D

Bottom line is, not very entertaining for me. Rating: B for BORING! What say you?

Picture courtesy of: ntv7 DoND

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Apple said...

I've seen an episode featuring a Kuching celebrity blogger Kenny Sia. Well, he totally had no luck at all.