Thursday, April 10, 2008

Road Accident; Obey-lah Speed Limit!

There was an accident right in front of my house yesterday night, around 7.45pm. I think some car crashed into a motorcycle or something like that. Can hear the engine go wwweeeennnnggg, like its going to go kaboom. Can't really figure out what really happened 'cause the trees were blocking my view! *grumbles*

At first, two tow truck came. A third one came minutes later.

Fuh~ police car and fire truck also come ar?!

you all stop to help or stop to kepo only?

Sorry-lah, coundn't get good pictures. I was standing outside the balcony and you know holding a camera in my hand, later people see me malu-lah! That's why the pics are all blured. =S

Believe it or not, a FOURTH tow truck came at the end but only one car got towed away! I wonder why they need so many tow trucks? Anyways, the whole kacau-bilau ended about 30-40 minutes later.

That's why, ask you obey speed limit you dunwan!

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Chingy said...

Banyaknya pictures. XD
The accident site so strategic.