Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It Has Been a Long and Tiring Day

I’m back for another update to my blog after a few days of disappearance due to the unavailability of an internet connection. Anyway, here was what I did today (Monday, 21st April 2008).

Woke up way early in the morning (6.10 – 6.15am)! *aiks* Sooo…not used to it =S. I had to wake up that early to get my lazy butt to school as there was scout’s marching training. The 02 Kinta Scouts will be taking part in a District level competition organized by the NGO (competition day: Thursday). I had been to school for a few days now, along with some other friends who are also helping to train and get them (scouts) into shape for the competition. Here are some pics of them training and maybe I’ll post some from the competition day later (like you’re so interested in those pics :-S). However, I’m not sure about the pictures during the actual competition day, as I may not be going (something came up last minute).

Well, marching is regularly linked together with the Sun. Let me tell you something about the Sun. Do you know that the heat rays will be able to roast you alive? Haha! I’ve been standing under the Sun for the past few days now, getting roasted and toasted and fried every single day! You can see the different colour skin tones on me now. The fair and the not so fair. LOL! (will have to scrub away those dead skin cells now).

Enough about marching and scorching heat rays =P. For lunch, I first met up with my friends in the stadium (yupe, they were playing badminton), then we headed on to Kinta City’s Hong Kong Food & Tea where I had this bowl of ‘tong sui’ (sago+lengkong+corn) *sweet*. Nothing much happened during lunch. Just the normal chit chat.

my 'tong sui'

Went to collect my final pay slip in SUB after that.

I actually went back to school for my actual lunch. =]

Canteen food still rocks! (er, is this mee jawa? Friend ordered this, so I don’t know what it is called – sorry lah, not very good at recognizing food okay)

Came back home around 6.45pm; Had dinner and went straight to Old Town’s Kopitiam to enjoy it’s wireless network privileges. Haha! I haven’t been online for a very long time (can’t tahan. I’m an online addict!). So, I went upstairs to find myself a seat with a powerpoint. Lucky me, found one =). Ordered myself a Blackcurrent Smoothie and the venture into cyber space begins!

My smoothie!

Spent two whole hours there.

Paid bill and went back.

While I was in the car, a thought came to my mind. I paid RM5.85 for my drink and I even left them RM0.15 for tips. So that’s RM6.00 altogether. I was online for two hours and I used six bucks! Hey, it would be cheaper if I just went to a cyber café! Haha! RM2.50/hour which means RM5.00 for two hours! Haha! Must order cheaper drinks next time. *penny-pinching me* =P

Upon reaching home, I turned on my lappie and typed out this entry.

My new laptop can’t detect my handphone’s memory card! Why?! But nothing seems to be wrong when I connect my handphone to my old laptop! *grumbles*

Is it because of this?(handphone cable – rubber protector ripping off)

End of entry (Time: 2347). So tired. *yawns*

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