Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Kid in Me Still Plays Neopets

Friends of mine have given me this same expression and phrase many times, “Huh? You still play Neopets gar?!”

For those of you who still do not know what Neopets is, I’ll try to explain it to you here. NEOPETS is some sort of an online virtual pet game. However, it’s nothing like those Tamagochi or Digimon toys. The gameplay is totally different in Neopets. You don’t need to flush virtual poop nor need you feed your pet to make them grow stronger in order to battle your friend’s pet. Well, there’s feeding and battling involved in Neopets but it’s nothing the same like those once a big hit Tamagochi/Digimon thingamajig.

Let me explain to you briefly how Neopets is played. First and foremost you need to register and choose your pet and no it doesn’t hatch from eggs. Then you are ready to explore the world of Neopia!

There are loads of activities you can do In Neopets. You can play games and earn Neopoints (that’s what they use as cash in Neopia). NO! The games are not boring and lifeless like those three-buttoned toys. There are over hundreds of games to choose from! Once you have earned enough Neopoints, you can spend it by buying stuff for you pet. For example: food, toys, clothing, weapons, potions, furniture, etc. Or you can just save it in the bank and leave it there just to collect interest rates. If you’re a risk taker, try investing it in the stock market! Haha! Yupe, there’s lots and lots of things you can do, for instance visiting different worlds, complete faeries quests, do battles, fight wars, trade, decorate your Neohome, mutate your pet, adopt another, play games, go shopping, and much much more! The list just goes on and on…

So, that’s what Neopets is simply about.

And back to what I was saying. When my friends tell me, “You still small ar? still play Neopets.” I will go, “Neopets not small kids’ game lah.” It’s true. You need to have strategy to play the game. There are numerous websites which provides tips and tricks to play Neopets. Some sort of a cheat code like that lah. So if Neopets is a ‘kid’s game’, why are strategies to play the game needed? Never accuse Neopets on being a kid’s game anymore! *evil laugh* =D

Lately, I haven’t been playing. Right now I’m just too into blogging =P. Maybe I’ll start playing again once I’ve settle down in KL. Neopets has updated its site with many new features; Need time to learn all the new stuff they put in.

For those of you who are playing, do check out my profile. (click on the purple ugly looking creature)

For those of you who have yet to register for an account, click on the banner below to do so and I’ll see you in the world of Neopia!


Chobits said...

So cute, still playing neopets, my cousin age 13 is playing it now, haha~ ^^

Hope your pet wins all the battle, gogo~

BenjieTan said...

i used to play neopets..there are times where it pulls me back to it..=)

Lynnelle said...

i loved neopets back then!
so so cute =D

Cmate said...

That was 5 years ago for me.. but heck, it is a good tool to release stress.

I still have 2mil neopoint in my account!! Haha!