Monday, April 14, 2008

PC Fair 2008

(Note to readers: This would be a long entry, so sit back and be comfortable, get yourself a bucket of popcorn and enjoy!)

PC Fair 2008 finally reached Ipoh last Friday! The much awaited event was held in Stadium Indera Mulia. Gadget enthusiasts, hardcore gamers plus poor people like me who like a good bargain and only buy stuff when there’s a sale will be flocking like birds to this ‘jumbo cheap N a lot of free gifts’ event.

Me, being one of the people who take much interest in electronic devices but never willing to spend money on buying, went to the fair with a desire of getting himself a new notebook.

So I dropped by the place on the first day, eyes searching around for a good deal. I went there around noon, it was quite packed. I walked and I walked and I walked, collecting flyers as I went on. Every step I take, some sales person would hand me flyers. Imagine if they were giving out cash. Haha! Anyway, if you managed to go a few rounds, you could collect enough stacks of paper to be sold to the sau gau bou chi lou (old newspaper man).

After surveying, something eventually caught my eye. No, it wasn’t the sleek, high-tech design of the notebook nor was it the great specs it had. It was the price instead! Haha! *feel so aunty* RM1999 was printed out on the piece of orange paper. So I looked at the brand next, ooo…Fujitshu and Toshiba. Not bad, not bad. *cheeky smile* Next, I took a look at the specs. Both had Dual Core processors, Fujitshu had 160GB of HD space while Toshiba had 120GB. After a free upgrade, Fujitshu would have had a 2GB RAM while Toshiba 1GB. Not a bad deal after all. It was between these two now, though I still have DELL lingering in my head. I spent around 30-40 minutes that day at the fair and I went home after that. :)

Second day of PC Fair 2008! What was going on inside my head was this…Toshiba Satellite L200-N402 or Fujitshu Esprimo V5535?

I met a few of my friends that day. They were thinking of buying lappys too! Cool! Can survey together-gether =P. So we went from booth to booth trying to get the best deal. Bargaining with the sales consultants for more free gifts was fun (like how they do it in markets). In the midst or surveying and bargaining, I eventually made up my mind to get the Toshiba notebook.

Three hours later, Jo Ee and I was going to pay the deposit. We sat down and ‘king sou’ summore with the sales consultant. Gosh! Getting a good deal from this person is really tough. Out of the ten free gifts, I manage to get 4 items! Plus a webcam and a free upgrade to 2GB RAM. I was satisfied eventually (but inside of me, I still want more!). Kesian, the sales girl, kena fire like hell nia by both of us. After she gave us what we want, then we ask for more. Haha! We paid our deposits in the end and I would be collecting the notebook tomorrow. =) End of day two.

Day three in PC Fair. Yupe, I still went although I had already bought what I wanted the most. Actually, I felt like getting a China iPod, that was why I went on the third day. I walked round the whole stadium looking for it (didn’t really bertungkus-lumus look lah). All I saw was mp3s and mp4s. Hmm, all of them over RM100 leh. Remember what I’ve said before about myself being the person who’s always interested in electronic devices but never really buys them? If you are smart enough, you would have probably guessed correctly whether if I bought the mp4 or not. (think carefully)

I got bored of walking, so I went up to the seats and sat there looking at the people down below me. The whole place looked like a tin of packed tuna fish! Well, I got bored of sitting down after a few minutes. Haha! So, I went down the steps to take another look at what other promotions each booth had.

I saw some friends that day. Let’s see, I met Kei Yan, Yian Yian, Kar Fei, Rae, Vanice with her new haircut and Evon whom I met when I was about to leave.

Rae wanted to get her laptop that day. Hence, I helped her a bit in choosing the right one and of course bargaining (^.^). She decided on getting the laptop which I bought the day before. So, we went from booth to booth to haggle on the free gifts. We stopped at the booth where I bought my notebook. Eh! (takes second look at the price displayed)

(price before was RM1999)

What in the world! The price dropped by a hundred bucks! Curses (x 7421741938 googillian times!) What adds to my frustration, irritation and anger is they were giving away all ten free gifts!

(I had only 5! Including the webcam)

What the heck! They even offered a free upgrade to a 2GB RAM!

@#$!%^&* (tornado) =-87) (fish)?>@$ (prawn) “;@$ (crab)!#!@#4@#!!!!!

The reason I bought my notebook on the second day was because I was afraid that there wouldn’t be much free gifts left on the last day. That’s usually what happens right? And I did not expect for the price to drop that much! One hundred bucks man!

Oh well, I just have to accept the fact that I’m not really good at buying stuff during promotions and fairs =(. At least Rae had a nice and fair deal.

That’s about it for day three at the PC Fair.

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Here are some pictures or my new notebook along with the free gifts.

VGA Webcam

2GB Pendrive

Headset + Mic

4 Port USB Hub

Optical Mouse

My personal laptop!


Minny Chan said...

hey at least you get more freebies than i did!!
i got only a mouse, a thumb drive and a pair of stupid headphones lol.

Raymond said...

i got nothing. coz i live in KL. Haihhhh *sad*