Thursday, April 3, 2008

Offer Letters

(Note: this is an offline entry, will be posting it up tomorrow, 3rd April)

I’m back home now, after coming back from my grandparent’s house. I feel like blogging now even though I’ve already updated my blog just now. So here I am writing an offline post. Somehow I feel that I have more things to write while I’m offline. I just don’t feel like using my ‘online time’ to blog. I rather surf Friendster, Facebook, and lately I’ve been editing my blog a lot! It has been quiet at my blog site, still no comments yet. Feel kinda bummed but I hope it will turn out to be better soon. *prays real hard* So, I guess it’s your duty to keep the traffic busy. Haha! I really appreciate readers who come back. Thanks a lot! =D

Offer letters from colleges. Right up till today, I’ve receive two offer letters. One came from Dana Pendidikan Dr. Hamzaid which offers me to study at Kolej Teknologi Alpha. I received this letter a few weeks ago.

It’s a scholarship for me to sign up for an intensive English course (Program Intensif Bahasa Inggeris – that’s what the letter said). Then there’s the Degree Program (there’s two choices, I think):

1) Sarjana Muda Pentadbiran Perniagaan (BBA) – Universiti Utara Malaysia

2) Bachelor of Business Administration in Technology ManagementInternational University College of Technology Twintech and University of Wales, Newport, England.

Scholarship includes registration fees, hostel payment and pocket money.

I wasn’t really interested, so I just chucked it aside. Kolej Teknologi Alpha? Haven’t heard of it before.

Today, I received another offer letter. This time it came from Kolej Teknologi Antarabangsa Cybernetics offering me 33 different courses to choose from. It is a joint program with Universiti Putra Malaysia. The brochure looks colourful and interesting, better than the one before from KTA (two A4 paper nia!)

Check this out, I need not pay for anything and I can get a free gift (F1 T-shirt/mp3 player/handphone/English course)!

The things they do to promote their college…free this, free that.

After received these offer letters, it made me think…why do I get offers from colleges I haven’t even heard of. Why can’t I get offers from colleges like Taylors or Sunway? *smacks self back to reality* How did they get my contact details anyway?

I’m still waiting for my offer letter to come from TARC, already sent in my application form a few days ago. The closing date was on the 31st of March. Should be receiving my OL soon I hope. Yes? No?

The weather has been pretty bad these few days. The afternoon sun shining ever so intensely, causing the temperature to rise. It’s so HOT during mid-day! Try frying an egg on the road. Subsequently, in the evening rain will start to pour. This is terrible because it cuts of my time to stay online, you know, thunder and all. *grumbles*


Shahana said...

yep... this is thunder storm time in Bangladesh too.. enjoyed your writing...

spicymist said...

yeah but at least u have rains to kool off d days heat. imagine living in d midday heat evn during d nite. * shudders* nice blog an all d best 4 ur admissions

Chingy said...

I am still receiving offer letters although I'm already enrolled in a college.

I think Convent sends our particulars out hmph!

Apple said...

Hi there. I'm a new visitor here and would love to leave you a comment :) Get to know about your blog through BlogRush. Anyway, all the best to you in your studies and hope you can get into the college you applied.

Satkuru said...

lol mine i grabbed the first offer that i got -_-" and here i am 3 quarter way into my degree :P best if you spend sometime thinking about your options :D

漆黑之月 said...

So u've finished ur stpm or spm? applied for tarc? haha sorry Im new here.Just drop by to read the interesting stuffs u hav here.

Mr. J @ said...

Dude , Im senior Kolej Alpha . This The Link.. b4 this kolej was at Serdang Then Move To seremban .