Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zouk@Sepang 2012 with Afrojack, tyDi, Angger Dimas and Bobby Burns

The day finally came! Thanks to Nuffnang & Digi, I managed to get myself passes to this great event!

Zouk bringing the party outside! First time in Malaysia! What better place to do it other that in the Sepang International Circuit!

zouk sepang

I was there with Victor, Kumara and Esther. We reached around 8-ish and there was no waiting to get into the party area thanks to the VIP passes we had. No more long queues!

zouk sepang

Our first stop as we enter the party zone was this game arena where there were 3 game booths set up and each person that completes these 3 games with the needed requirements will be in the running to win a Samsung Galaxy Note in a lucky draw. The lucky draw results will be out in Zouk KL's Facebook page.

There was this 'power-boxing' machine. Hit the target as hard as you can to achieve a certain point. Then there was the iPad game, where we had to tap on certain coloured buttons to gain points. Sort of like Fruit Ninja style. Lastly, the wind-tunnel was the best game ever. There were pingpong balls inside. Collect 5 green and 5 blue balls to pass.

And the mini-prize we get after completing each game is having our arms put inside icy cold water to pick up a marble! We we each given a lighter. It depends on which coloured-marbled you pick up. There was a mini-fan as well as a pendrive to be given away.

zouk sepang

As we entered, tyDi was already hitting the decks. The crowd was already building up. It's time to start the party!

dj tydi

dj tydi



And the crowd was super awesome as well! Fist-pumping, hands in the air, jumping and partying to the music! You can't get a better crowd than this and that's what a party needs. A good crowd!

After an hour or so, we went out to stock up on some booze. What's a party without booze right? After a few kicks, we were back inside just in time for Mr. Dimas!

mr dimas

mr dimas


Up next, Bobby Burns!

bobby burns

Indeed, Bobby Burns was burning up the decks! Great wonders what 6 screens can do.

And now the moment we all have been waiting for. AFROJACK in da HOUSE!

zouk afrojack


And it's time to get the party started! Look at the crowd!

zouk afrojack

zouk afrojack

zouk afrojack

Last night was one of the best parties night ever with good music and a great crowd!

Let's have more of these raves in the future!

Once again, thanks to Nuffnang and Digi for the VIP invites!

Until the next one, party hard people!

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