Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SeoHyun and YongHwa We Got Married | Like A Fairytale

After finished watching this series, i think that I really need to share this with the world. I believe that fairytales do exist and I saw it happen between SeoHyun of Girls' Generation and YongHwa of CNBlue.

The series is none other than 'We Got Married'. It's basically a variety show in Korea where two idols will be paired up together as a hypothetical married couple. They will go through life as if they were married.

This was my first time watching this series and it really hit me. One of the best love stories I've ever watched. This series consist of 51 episodes with each episode filled with the couple's funny, cute and romantic scenes.



 I never knew love like this, 
I finally opened up my eyes.
I never knew just one kiss,
Could ever wake me up inside.
And I hope it lasts forever,
cuz I'd walk a thousand miles
Just to feel like this,
I never knew love like this. 

Here's Episode One to get you started. Apparently the uploads stops at Episode 5 but you still can get the full series from this website:



Let us hope that eventually, YongSeo Couple will be real.

YongSeo Couple 4ever! <3


RedButtockz Wern said...

other WGM couples are good too. Those funny ones are HyunJoong & HwangBo.. JoKwon & Ga In. I watched Nichkhun&Victoria one because Nichkhun is cute wtf

Nath said...

drama -.-

KFC said...

Yong Seo aeren't real YET. sob....=(
maybe coz they all have some agreement in their contract. state that they canot have couple before the time expired. it happends to most of the artist korea as well.

Nikita said...

I like to share information about this to lovely young couple.There's lot of rumours that YongSeo couple is REAL but yes backstreet love because of Girls' Generation members aren't allowed to date any guy.Everyone is Korea knows there situation if you have spare time you can search about this couple wearing same stuffs like clothes,bracelet,teddy bear couple etc.And that was outside WGM story.Beside WGM was only 20% scripted,the rest was based on their own personality.