Friday, April 20, 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 At Sunway Surf Beach

Last Saturday (14th April), I attended the Tiger Asian Music Festival for the first time at Sunway Surf Beach! Tiger AMF holds the best concert for Asian artists! This is the time where huge Asian artists are brought under one roof for a spectacular music performance.

As for this year, huge names such as Beyond, A Yue, Manhand, A-Lin, Jam Hsiao, LMF and MC Hotdog all came to perform! I was lucky enough to been given the opportunity to go to this event thanks to Nuffnang MY and ChurpChurp!

tiger AMF

Victor and I arrived in Sunway around six to seven something in the evening and it took us ONE WHOLE HOUR just to look for parking. It seems that parking in Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Hotels were already FULL! After one hour of searching, we drove back out to park in Menara Sunway. Crazy I tell you!

The event had already started. However, once we arrived at the entrance of Sunway Lagoon there were still hoards of people queuing up to enter. One thing which I hate the most about events is the lack of signboards they have. It really trips me off when I can't find the correct place to queue.

Once we got in, Beyond was almost in their mid-set and the whole Sunway Surf Beach was literally filled up to the max with people. It was a sea of human beings indeed.

tiger amf

You will just have to make do with this photo quality. Digicams are the best to be brought to events. Compact and handy.

Anyway, Beyond fans were singing along to all of their songs. Most of them are 'samchun' fans but I guess it goes because Beyond was from their time.

To start of the night, I bought a can of refreshing Tiger Beer. I need it to calm myself down after a frustrating one-hour searching for a carpark space. Victor and I then inched closer and closer to the stage, zig-zagging through the crowd until we can have a better view of the performers on stage.

tiger amf

I'm not joking. The crowd was MASSIVE!

And so the night started...

tiger amf

tiger amf

tiger amf sunway

The whole night was basically a night of fun music...and yes, LMF was DOPE!

Once again, thanks to Nuffnang MY and ChurpChurp for the Tiger AMF 2012 tickets! Looking forward to more event invites from you guys!


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