Thursday, April 12, 2012

Girls' Generation FanBoy In The Making

I have been writing posts about Girls' Generation for about a few weeks now. If you are still oblivious, you should have known by now that I'm more and more into them.

Which is why I have decided to start collecting all of their albums. I went out today in search of their album and I eventually bought four sets back. I went to 3 shops to survey on the price. Video Ezy, Speedy and Rock Corner. I bought these from Video Ezy, Pavillion.

Girls' Generation Into The New World - 1st Asia Tour
2CDs with attached Lyric book + pictures

Consists of all live tracks of their whole performance during their 1st Asia Tour. At first I thought this was a DVD album of their performance because I saw this album (if I'm not mistaken) in Rock Corner, KLCC. I came home only to know that it was only audio tracks in them. Oh well~ Shall get the DVD later then.

Girls' Generation First Mini Album - Gee
1 CD with attached Lyrics Book + pictures

Girls' Generation 3rd Mini Album - Hoot
1 CD with lyrics and pictures in a booklet form.
1 random Girls' Generation trading card + 1 sticker sheet

Girls' Generation 3rd Album - The Boys (re-Released as Mr. Taxi)
1 CD with flashcards of the members + lyrics flashcards
1 random Girls' Generation trading card

Mind yourself when taking out the flashcards because it is placed very tightly inside a pocket. The album cover might tear if you are not careful. I slightly tore mine already. =[

What I noticed is that Video Ezy and Speedy sells the albums at almost the same price but Rock Corner sells it at a slightly more expensive price but Rock Corner has more selection to their albums.

Right now I'm looking for their first album 'Girls' Generation'. They do sell it but it does not seem like the imported version. It seems that the first album available here is the one made in China.

Looking for,
1st Album - Girls' Generation
2nd album - Oh! (very hard to find!)
3rd album - The Boys (Korea release; US release can be found in Rock Corner)

1st album re-release - Baby Baby
2nd album re-release - Run Devil Run (can be found in Rock Corner)

2nd mini album - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

1st Single - Into The New World

I'll move on to get the Japan release once I'm done with the Korea release.
There you have it! Help me look for the albums!

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Nath said...

get from Singapore, sure more easy to hunt them