Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Does It Take To Become A Top Blogger?


I've posted this question up in a blogger's community website some time ago and these are the replies which I got.
hi dylan..u become top blogger when people read your blog more than the others.
my definition of top blogger is..huge traffic, like hongkiat :P

Fame: When everyone recognize you.
+ Influential: When everyone believe what you write/said.

Just like what rei says, I think a top blogger must have a huge traffic blog, with tonnes of repeat visitors and loyal readers. I wonder who are the top bloggers in Malaysia? Ah... first one comes to mind is hongkiat. Damn, that dude is great!    

become top blogger? must gather interesting story to put inside blog. my opinion ;)

Yeah! Top blogger is someone who is a people magnet! :) He attracts so many visitors no matter how lame he or she is! :)  
So what does it really take for a person to become a top blogger? Fame? High traffic? I've been thinking, how do some top bloggers get to be who they are now. How did they start? What did they do to achieve this status?



Ericsoft said...

HAHA....ya lo last part there i definitely agree with some parts* really can stun* lot of people haha~!i m sure that person is top no1 world blogger haha~!

maslight said...

LOL omg, you dun need to flash la omg XD make ur post interesting and understandable for others to read is fine liao ;)

gⓤIn said...

lol... i like de part - "like flashing yourself during party" ahhahahahaha

KaedE said...

lol cheese and bennysial..!

erictbk said...

harh? who is hongkiat?

chris@dotagaki said...

Why like I know the person in the last pic only ... haha. Btw nice post.

Dylan Phuah said...

dare to take the challenge and flash in an event?

so are my posts interesting and understandable?

cool stunt eh?!

hehe, cool names for cool bloggers!

that was the same question i asked!

eh you do? hu is he?

e l d y said...

top blogger ? nice question !! I think to be TOP we need attention, promote ur blog on newspaper or more effective on tv can let u TOP .. xD

kenwooi said...

nice modification of the name.. =P