Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project Alpha Week 1:



Promo Vid for

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4

Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


There you have it! The first 7 episode for Project Alpha Season 1! Next up,!

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kenwooi said...

of course they'll still be blogging..
but since they have the fame and money already, it's like a part of their blogging life.. they blog for money and fame too, indirectly.. ;)

fourfeetnine said...

hahahaha i did clean my room! it was worse before! *guilty

Mizzsharon said...

hey awesome vids u posted up there! keep it coming!
I don't get access to it in Aussie Lala Land.
Btw, fourfeetnine, not messy la ur room! mine is a whole lot worst =)
Thanks Dylan!

Zala Wajik said...


anyway, about why I'm stil blogging?

Even I don't know why,
when my teachers or anyone else in my school notice my blog expose a little about them..
[ not expose expose, what I mean is bila saya post gambar mereka di dalam blog saya ]

walla, the next morning I would receive 3 warning e-mail by the same person, without a name..

If I so stubborn at that time, I would just print screen the e-mail, edit a little and post it in my blog and myspace.

Serve you anonymously!

ps: omg, after reading back what I type, I just realize how evil I am when it came to blogging..hahahah :D

Dylan Phuah said...

wouldn't it be cool to have fame and money? then i will not need to worry about my course fees and expenses anymore. sigh

WOW! the one and only fourfeetnine came to visit my blog. what an honour. :D
hehe, couldn't imagine how'd it look like before. must looked like a tornado ran thru it. :) but i tot girls are supposedto be tidier. keke

hmm, what do you mean you dont get access to it in Aussie? you cant stream youtube there?
hehe, must be your messy room blocking the coverage?

Zala Wajik:
gosh, your school kinda tight and strict on blogging eh? scary!

Catherine @ Soo Khoon said...

hey, u just won the weekly prize. congrats~!

Jimmy T said...

Congratz on winning -]