Sunday, September 20, 2009

Head Gonna Explode Syndrome

Have you ever had so many things going through your head all at the same time? Have you ever thought about so many things that you feel that your head is gonna explode anytime soon?

I’ve been getting this excruciating ‘head gonna explode’ feeling a couple of times now and let me tell you this. It doesn’t feel nice, at all! It is actually the one thing that is keeping me from falling to sleep at night. Sometimes I just hope that it will stop and just disappear but then again this is life. Nothing will disappear into thin air just like that. Having problems is just a pain in the ass and head.

I’m staying up at 2am writing this post because I need to get it out of me asap or else. So the things which are going on in my head are plentiful, so much even Einstein can’t handle it.

Let me take you into one part of it. So, I had this vision or you can say more of a vision, to go back to my secondary school to talk to the students who are going to graduate. Sometimes, the school would invite some old boys back to talk about their experience during secondary school life and what to expect for the future. Well, let’s just say I wanted to be one of these old boys. The school would invite top scorers and best students to talk, most of the time and the same topic is usually heard most of the time. You study hard, the outside life is tough and blah blah blah. But seriously, are these advices really that good? You study hard and get a good job. That’s what most people would say. I bet your parents say that too but how true is this right now in the present? I’ve been trying to finish a book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki who said that ‘study hard and get a good job’ doesn’t apply this time around anymore.

So, if I was to have a talk to the students there, what I would say is that life is tough, that’s for sure. People don’t realize how tough life is until they really cut themselves deep down. I don’t think you will experience a tough life if you are still being mummy’s little boy or daddy’s little girl. No offense to you people out there but to me, people who are still living up with the support of their parents should consider themselves lucky and fortunate. You won’t know how tough earning money and living out of your own hard earned cash until you really do it yourself. You worked so hard yet you’re still eating food out of a can.

Well, if you’re going for college or furthering your studies to some university, you are rich. Someone once told me that, no matter where you’re furthering your studies, may it be some cheap college, you are still considered rich because even though you have PTPTN or some other kind of loan or scholarship, you still need living expenses and the living expenses must come from somewhere (your parents perhaps?) Talking about PTPTN, it doesn’t support you throughout your whole tertiary studies, that I’ll blog sometime later

Back to my point, earning money is hard work. Earning for your earning expenses is even harder! Just like how the saying goes, ‘No Money, No Talk’ but this time it’s ‘No Money, No Eat, No House, No College’. Tough huh?

Try working for your own money and try surviving with it. Tell me how long you can last. How far can it take you.

People these days are so spoilt. They are simply living parasites. FML.

Moving on, again something to do with money. I’ve blogged sometime ago in my previous blog that everything right now revolves around money. You need money to do this, do that, you even need money to shit.

So I thought what if money never existed? What if coins and notes were never invented in the first place? This reminded me of a movie I once watched on television. It was about these people who did not use money for their daily transactions but instead used their lives to pay for stuff. They have this device on their body with buttons on them and they just swipe a card through to make payments and stuff. I’m still trying to look for the movie again. Anybody can tell me the title of this show?

Well, if we were to use the same concept. I’m sure all our financial problems will be solved right? People or the world won’t simply spend on stuff they don’t need anymore, people will be extremely thrifty and people will surely think wisely before spending.

How I wish money was never invented.

Are you having any ‘head gonna explode’ feeling lately

I end this post with a quote from benjicajess (twitter) "i think boys who grew up in a happy&close knitted family r warmer, lovable than those who grew up in a broken fammy or hating their parents."


Ericsoft said...

ya...agree with you dhong,earning money from not easy hard get better job...seem it is but is u can see some top scorer maybe good in their study but they can't do well in working society that they lack of creativity...

in this new world many employers need new and innovative stuff so...outside world is becoming more tougher and tougher cause earning money become more and more harder...sad to say...we really in deep shit world lol

chris@dotagaki said...

I duno bout the movie, but I've heard of this method when reading the Bible (Im Buddhist btw). It says that in the future, people wont need money for transaction d (good ha?) Just swipe their hands. Something bout the number 666 also so duno good or bad.

erictbk said...

yea, true true.. study hard to get a good job is so outdated..

inkish27 said...

I think the money you earn from your own brain and hardwork is truly rewarding.. Not only physically, but also mentally...

And if one's education doesn't teach him or her how to utilize what they learnt to get some money, then they study hard enough, but not wise enough.....(it's the education system problem anyway.. don't you think so?)

btw, imho,
Imagine everyone has the right to just swipe their hands... who is going to work? It's just to put things into a slow rate of deterioration in our society...

anyhow.. good post. ^^

kenwooi said...

true.. experience is very valuable too these days =)

Dylan Phuah said...

well, the world is growing very fast and its demands are high. very high!

that number cant be good. yikes!

so i guess no use we study hard then. lets flunk our exams!

using your self earned money is a bliss, that's true!

yeah, and i really do think our education system needs a huge revamp. it's like kinda outdated or something.

and about the swiping hands thing, well, let's just say it was just a thought. :)

very true indeed.