Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Dark Lift


Back home, I searched high and low for any available food that I have. I have jam but no bread. I don't even have Milo! Turns out I only have oatmeal. Yeah, so I had oatmeal for an early early early breakfast.


chris@dotagaki said...

lol, go in d lift only ma. Maybe u can get a 'fren' to go tapao food together.

Copykate said...

that's freaking scary!!! who dares to go in a dark lift! gosh. even if i were to take the staircase, still scary yea during a cold rainy night. would rather starve myself. teehee

kenwooi said...

haha cute.. =)

hanseong said...

This is why we keep our rooms well-stocked for emergencies, like zombie attacks or nuclear war. XD

Cute art! Very clean and simple.

TZ said...

hehehe... I also could not sleep if i'm hungry :)

inetsolution said...

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EmoCat said...

Lift with no light? that is a gateway to heaven ...LOFL

FriDay dA FourtH said...

LOL.. Hey I thought you were an egg. This is a perfect case of an egg that can't wait to be a "chicken" eh?. So eager to grow up.

nice blog btw..

Friday out!

Dylan Phuah said...

why not you make friends with the 'friend' first and you tell me hoe friendly the 'friend' is. hehe!

esp MU's lift. freaking slow and always breaks down!


well, my stocks were running low! :(

it's hard yeah?!

err, okay! :D

but i dont wanna goto heaven so soon!

FriDay dA FourtH:
aiyoyo, what chicken now. haha! i dare you to get into a dark lift at midnight!
neways, thx for visiting!

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