Saturday, December 6, 2008

XiaXue Selling Herself?

Take a look at this blog header from XiaXue's blog.

Now take a look at mine. See any similarities?

Me and XiaXue have included pictures of ourselves in the header. So, the story goes like this. I was chatting in KennySia's blog one day and was told (jokingly I assumed) by one of the chatter there that my blog header is better than my friend's (who is also chatting) blog header. The anonymous chatter then said that it's because that I was trying to sell myself like XiaXue. Haha!

So is it true? Everyone who has photoshop-ed themselves into their own blog header is trying to sell themselves out?

I guess I don't mind selling myself for fame, popularity and money. Not to mention a million hits per month! Haha! Even Cheesie (Ringo) and Cindy does it!

Hey wait! Why does Kenny Sia's blog header different from the others? His head is not in it!

What do you think? One more thing, I've always wondered why XiaXue doesn't have a yet. Or does she have one?


rojakrojak said...

ekhem. anonymous eh?

Dylan Phuah said...

could it be you then?!

Horizon said...

Since it's a personal blog, it will be nice to include yourself into the header. ^^

Dylan Phuah said...

:) well, its just a thought. thanks for your comment!

Kay said...

xiaxue doesn't need a dot com!

Anonymous said...

Xiaxue has a .sg

Yi Ling said...

LOL. interesting find i guess? -.-

Dylan Phuah said...

then what does she need? heels?

really? i didn't know that. haha!

Yi Ling:
Why the LOL and the 'swt' face?

maRCus said...

wakakaka.. u shud have lost some clothes on the leg, baru look like xiexue.. lol

good one! XD

Anonymous said...

Xiaxue has a but she did a 301 redirect to blogger instead.

That is the stupidiest thing I ever seen in my life.

For a blogger who is suppose to be smart because she can make money by writing rubbish, she didn't know how to build her own space.
Instead she is helping blogger to rank higher and higher.

I haven't seen a blogger doing a 301 redirect using links which are obviously not even a

Jiamin said...

hey you use the same firefox theme as me. heh.anyway, its okay to include yourself in the header. i feel.

Dylan Phuah said...

haha! if i show my legs, i think i'll look like kennysia more!

well said.

=) yeah. i think so too. hehe! anyways, goood choice on the firefox theme.

kenwooi said...

I noticed another thing - Most GIRLS do that, as mentioned by you yourself: xiaxue, ringo and cindy. Coz they think they're pretty!

And Kenny Sia doesn't? Coz he's a guy! =P

Well I do agree that some guys do that. Hehe.

Dylan Phuah said...

are you refering to me as the 'some guys'? LOL!

QuaChee said...

i think its up to ones own wish :)

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