Thursday, December 4, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl 2

Malaysian Dreamgirl (MDG) is back! Season 2 will be coming to you soon!

For you guys who do not know what MDG is all about, I will be here to educate you.

MDG is a reality TV show, or more precisely 'online reality' show. That's because the whole show will be aired online! It is the first reality series based on a model search t
o be fully broadcast online.

Like all reality shows, everything will start with auditions. The auditions will be carried out all around Malaysia. Only 12 out of the hundreds will be chosen to be the lucky ones who will get to be on the show! They will then live together for 10 weeks and compete to be the last one standing.

Viewers like you and me can watch the 2 and a half hour show online and vote for your favourite contestant through SMS. Contestants will be eliminated from the show bas
ed on the least votes they get.

The Judges

Elaine Daly

Elaine Daly

Model extraordinaire, actress, and former beauty queen – welcome to the world of Elaine Daly. Using her wealth of experience, she is set to scrutinize the girls’ every move, raise the stakes and see if they can make it in the real world. Watch Elaine like you have never seen before. Speaking her mind and telling it like it is.

Lim Jimmy

Lim Jimmy

He is no ordinary stylist and has dressed A-list stars in the country. Now watch Jimmy as he judges beauty and talks fashion with the girls. With more than 20 years in the glamorous world of high fashion, this is one stylist who has seen it all.

Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan

Enter the guru. Having discovered and launched the careers of many successful models in Malaysia, there is probably none better at spotting new modelling talent than the founder of Andrewsmodels. Watch out ladies - Andrew is here to pick the best.

Julie Yong

Julie Wong

Making up the esteemed judging panel is the dynamic Julie. A woman who has been on top of the cosmetics industry and who is dedicated to making other women feel fabulous, Julie is also founder of the Beautilicious brand.

The auditions are going to start soon! Are you our next Malaysian Dreamgirl?

Sign up for the audition now!
Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 Registration Form

For those who wants to catch up on Season 1, you can watch all the episodes here: MDG Season 1.

You can even visit MDG's Season 1 winner Cindy Tey's blog site, PINK LABEL : Malaysia 's Most Picturesque Blog ! She's even in your daily newspaper! Read your Malay Mail (1 December 2008).

Join MDG's community now!
To join Pacmee,
Subscribe to Malaysian Dreamgirl's mobile community and receive text, photo and video shoutouts on your mobile phone. It's FREE to join.

Get the latest gossip, find out where the girls are, join mobile contests, win cash, download unreleased photos and videos, and lots more wherever you are.

To subscribe, sms ON MDG to 22700 (Maxis/Hotlink users) or 36400 (Digi users)

This service is currently available to Maxis/Hotlink and DiGi users only.

  • FREE to join
  • FREE first 50 sms shoutouts received
  • RM1 for every 50 sms shoutouts received thereafter

To leave, sms STOP MDG to 22700 (Maxis/Hotlink users) or 36400 (DiGi users)

That's all from me. More updates on MDG2 soon!

Source: Malaysian Dreamgirl 2


The Malaysian Explorer said...

Hi Zhengdhong,
like your blog very much. Wonder if it is ok to use some of your photos for my website

if ok with you and if I place your photos there, I'll give you credit for it.


The Malaysian Explorer

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