Monday, December 8, 2008

Melati Utama's Cyber Cafe Robbery Case

It seems that crime case are increasing by the day! Robberies, snatch thieves, house break-ins and the list just goes on and on. Back in my hometown, I've only read about these cases in the newspapers and it seems normal to me.

However, when I moved to KL, I've started to hear a lot of crime cases happening around me. YES! It includes rape cases. I've heard a lot of news from my friends
and from a friend of a friend. Girl getting raped in the evening, houses getting broken into, robbery in broad daylight! What is the world coming to?!

It seems that our police force is tidur-ing more than ronda-ing! Wake up sleepy heads!

Now for you people who are living in Melati Utama do be careful when you walk around the shop lot area (the one next to the highway). Especially students on their late night mamak-ing. Here's a video clip of a robbery that just happened not long ago in a cyber cafe!

Thursday, 20th November 2008

So, my advive to you all is be very very careful out there. Walk in a group of gazzillion people, so that you can whack the hell out of those bastards (perompak) when you see them. Carry whatever items neccessary as a weapon, may it be an umbrella, a baseball bat, lastik, shotgun, AK-47 or hand grenade. Be safe!

Credit goes to 10人 for the video.


Yik Yang Nicholas said...

hahaha..damn funny!

Dylan Phuah said...

Yik Yang Nicholas:

Yi Ling said...

next time be more careful. dont go out so late XD

just apple said...


Dylan Phuah said...

Yi Ling:
there's always a possibility of *touch wood* being 'ahem-ed' because when it's late, it's gonna be dark and quiet. aikz!

just apple:
you said it! :S

MaiKroSofT said...

at 4 am? should internet cafe open at that hour?

Hurley said...

This blog looks more optimistic than before, you got inspired by my white background or something? =.=

Dylan Phuah said...

cyber cafes in my area usually open for 24hrs already. =S

Hiakz said...

Ngaidiao... I use to work in cc...
Summore my shift is 12-8am

I see this video i so happy i quit adi -_-

Gary Ooi said...

Melati Utama is damn scary I can tell you. I got robbed 2 months ago somewhere near PV5 when I got parked my car opposite the school. Tho guys came from behind and took a big knife out. I couldn't do anything as they put that damn knife on my hand. Everything was taken from me. I've heard cases near the shoplots along Old Town where that a girl almost got raped after she was robbed. Anyway, be careful my friend.

I'll be moving over to PJ next month but we have to be careful all around. Take care!

erictbk said...

May God Blast them!!!

Dylan Phuah said...

yeah, working in cc's esp during hours after 12 is really dangerous. =S

Gary Ooi:
I've heard of alot of cases in MU too. where is safe. :(

BLAST them into tiny lil bits and pieces i would say!

^^NgOh WiLLY^^ said...

i stay somewhere near there b4 i move to taipei LOL and the worst is i saw snatch case at that area while i was driving. of course i won't help, bcoz worried i might get robbed as well LOL

Dylan Phuah said...

Willy's Diary:
damn friggin dangerous that place. =S

YeeJen said...

I got robbed when i was walking at the pathway next to PV3 to the shophouses along MRR2. Those bastards ambushed beside the rubbish room and came upon me. All my belongings were gone including my Dell Latitude D420 notebook. If any computer shop nearby found it, please contact me.

If you see a motorcycle with red body and plate no. WGT 1908, please raise your awareness. Those scums fled with this motor.

Please be careful while walking on that road especially if you have notebook/ backpack with you. MU is not safe.

Dylan Phuah said...

when did the robbery happen? was it recent? anyway, thankz for the heads up. i will be more careful next time. sigh. MU is such a dangerous place.

Molly said...!!!
they went in sooo harsh man...
i feel like bringing a knife wherever I go..just an umbrella is not good enough..

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