Friday, May 23, 2008

Back for a Short Update! Food!

Wow! It has been ages since I’ve updated my blog! Because of that, my unique visits have dropped a lot! Hopefully I’ll get my hits back up soon. Even my ads are not appearing that frequent already. So sad.

Why I haven’t been updating my blog? That’s because I’ve been busy getting ready for the big city! Yeah, I’m going to start studying soon; Next week as a matter in fact. This whole week was the orientation week (for those who don’t know yet, I’ll be studying in KTAR Setapak). So I was in KL on Sunday right up till Wednesday (skipping the rest of the orientation days *ngek ngek*).

Nothing much happened there. I just spent my free time going online, practically the whole day right up till 3am in the morning! I’m not going to elaborate on what I did during my stay in KL because if I do it’ll be a boring post of my daily life (I don’t really like to read ‘daily life’ entries =.=).

Anyway, instead of words here are some pictures. Sushi! I ate this for my dinner during the second night there.

Then this MEGA MAC was for my supper on the third night!

Finally, I received the CDs containing pictures which my friends and I took during outings and events. So, like I said, instead of words, let the pictures do the talking. ;D

These three pictures were taken during my class party (Lower Six) in my house.

Class photo with class teacher, Pn. Kamales! You’re the BEST!

Class photo with Mr. Koi (maths)! Fav quotes: You differentiate your backside! Hang yourself!

Class photo with Pn. Geetha (pengajian statistic). Every day graph and Bahagian C! peningz

Class photo with Pn. Tan (chemistry)

Caught talking in class! Aiks!

Another class picture!

More pictures coming soon! You have to wait till I’ve finished uploading them into my online photo album. Till then, take care!


Your Humble Servant said...

You're ex-F6 ka? Hahaha...

Nanged you at innit to earn you a unique visitor. Hehehe... anyway, all the best at TARC.

Cheers fellow nuffnanger....

joshuaongys said...

WELCOME TO TARC!!! haha but u won't be seeing me till like November.. i'm doing my internship now lolx...

Hope you will enjoy your time in TARC =)

Chobits said...

Wow~ Swimming in the pool at night? You have a group of energetic and interesting friends. So fun! >.<

Enjoy your life in Ktar k?
Need to be a good boy, don't sleep in class. ^^

Raymond said...

Best times are in TARC!! and Taylor's. and Monash. Damn i cant decide....