Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Does Falling in Love Mean to You?

Have you ever been in love? Or have you had a crush on someone before?

For those of you who had been in a relationship before or who is in a relationship now, I want to ask you how much do you understand about love? How sure were/are you that you would/will go far with that special someone?

I guess first of all, everything starts of as a crush. You get that tingly feeling inside of you whenever you are around that person. You try to make conversation but somehow you just seem to ask dry questions or some may not even dare to begin a conversation. After that, you’ll try to get the opposite sex’s attention by doing something, which at the end of the day you think back and realize that you have been a fool. Am I right? If things do go well for the both of you then from strangers to friends you will be. Soon feelings will grow blah, blah, blah and both of you get together. Each of you start saying mushy things to each other like ‘we’ll grow old together’, ‘I love you forever blah, blah, blah’. Happy ending.

Let’s say all of a sudden, the two of you break up? May it be a clean break agreed upon both side or someone just decides to dump the other. You start to grief and so does the other; few months later everything seems to be normal again.

But the main question about this topic comes after this. You somehow seem to fall in love with somebody else and the whole cycle repeats itself once again.

You get together, you break up, you get together with somebody else, you break up…

So how can you be sure that you’ve found the right one when you seem to be able to get in and out of a relationship so many times? You’ve confessed your love and affection to so many people, cycle after cycle. How can you find true love this way?

How sure are you that you’ve found the right one because both of you may just end up going separate ways in the end. That’s a question for you to ponder about if you know what I’m trying to say so far.


Raymond said...

You know you are truly in love when you wake up the next morning and you find her still fast alseep right beside you...her warm, rhythemic breathing just makes all problems to go away, and you will not want this sweet, calm moment to end, you will only want this moment to be with you forever...

joshuaongys said...

there're really many many things that define love man.. too much to say lolx anyway its hard to find out how sure are u dat SHE/HE is the one for you so.. hmmm... lolx love is just a wonderful but yet complicated thing created by GOD.. cheers

Minny Chan said...

now this is something really DEEP to ponder upon.
i guess u'll never know until u actually try.
TO LOVE is to risk.
TO LOVE is to be willing to give up everything and to might lose that special someone.


3POINT8 said...

I think for this reason, Immortality is a very bad thing...

belle said...

thats so true
that i don believe in love anymore lols

.Jovial. said...

u cant find the true one.
u only need to repeat the cycle countless time until u get the hang outta it.
i'm so outta love.

belz said...

this post jiwang sangat ni. hahaha.

sw said...

true love....the one..hmmm...i will never know who the one is unless i tried being in the cycle and see who will be the one in my life, if I did not try how can i ever find 'the one' or my MR. right..forever i dare not say it applies to me now but with faith and hope i guess i will make it happen rather than hope that it will happen

Meshrum said...

How can you know that a person is 'the one'? Yes, pretty tough.
Love means caring, sharing, understanding each other and always willing to make things work out incase discrepancy creeps in. That is how a relation may last longer... or perhaps forever.

Nikkiko said...

in mah opinion -

- people nowadays have just been flooded with too much media.

people end up saying things they sometimes don't mean. they just say it because it is THE thing to do.

as minny says, it's a risk.

it's something that requires absolute trust, to take the risk to put that absolute trust into someone.

one lets themself sink into the ocean of love, nothing could seem more perfect, and then, sometimes, when things go wrong, BANG, one finds themselves drowning.

some manage to surface, and get into the cycle again, some just get fed up.

- life can be lord dam unfair.

Ping Ping said...

it really depends...i get what you mean...for one thing, i believe in love, there's love for God, love for family, love for friends. But I don't believe in forever. At least not in this mortal world.

In fact I get grumpy when someone tell me forever and shits like that. How can something last forever. It's impossible. So, love and treasure the moment, it's okay if it don't last. At least you once have it. And no, not the playboy type.