Saturday, July 26, 2008


Finally, after abandoning my blog for almost two months, i have come to revive it! =D Being here in kay-elle really took away a lot of my blogging time. What more, i have been waiting to get an internet connection (Streamyx) for almost one month plus! You know what the reason is? It is because there isn't enough ports to make a new telephone line (number)! But should'nt they install atleast one telephone port for a unit?! Funny isn't it! In the end, we (housemates) ended up with Maxis Broadband.

Well, like some of you who might have already known, I'm currently studying in TAR College (main campus) doing Financial Accounting (yikes! I'm gonna see numbers for the rest of my life). So, for you guys and leng luiZ who are in TARC, do let me know =D. Maybe i'll get to bump into you by chance some day

So anyway, enough talk about what happened to me all thisw while. I'm sure you would not even bother to know, right? I'm just posting thisw entry to let you guys know that I've brought my blog back to life!

So stay stuck to my blog for updates soon! Or maybe not so soon 'cause I'll be having exams! =S


Here's a recent picture of mua~