Monday, May 12, 2008

Jealousy Is All The Fun You Think They Had

Have you ever been jealous of anybody before? May it be your friend or just some person you know by name. Have you every gotten jealous of their looks, their wealth, their personality, the freaking smart brain they have, etc? I’m sure most of you have had this feeling before. I know, it sucks!

When jealousy comes running through your veins and mind, you’ll start to hate yourself and feel tiny as ever. “Why can’t I be like him/her?!” This simple line will be going through your head over and over again. Like most people, I’ve had this case like only a googillian time! Jealous over people who has the brains and the brawn. Jealous over people who has wealth and plastic cards. Jealous over people who has a great relationship with everybody, family and friends. Jealous over the freedom that they get. The list can go on.

Every time this feeling kicks in, I’ll be feeling the lowest of lows and the blue-est of blues. There’s nothing much I can do but to accept the fact that it just is. There’s no way that I can change this. I’m stuck with it.

Is there a way to change it? Is there a cure for this? Let me know if there is one because I need - quoting myself, “a smart brain.” An intelligent brain which has huge RAM!

Well, that is one of the many types of how jealousy is felt. Here’s another.

Have you ever had a very close friend? A friend that you’re really super duper close with. To make things simple, let’s say that you are in a relationship, girlfriend boyfriend type. Now, you two must be super duper close right? The query comes like this; have you ever been jealous just because your gf/bf talks or interacts to someone else of the opposite sex? You’ll feel like a volcano is about to erupt inside of you but you just hold it in. Then when you’re alone with each other, you bring this topic up and then begin fighting. Even worse than how dogs and cats fight. Then jahanam-lah your relationship! XD But that’s not the main point here.

What I’m declaring here does not only appoint to gf/bf relationships. Like what I first mentioned it also applies to super duper close friends, etc. Whenever he/she mingles with others do you feel left out all of a sudden? You feel that the strong bond between you and that special someone isn’t there anymore. You feel very far apart from each other. You feel lost. The emotion starts to kick in. You start to feel jealous. You start to think, “why am I left out of their conversation?” Then you’ll just sit there like a dungu listening or you’ll just jump into the conversation pretending that everything’s okay. Now this feeling really sucks!

That’s one example. Another is when your special someone gets to go out with his/het friends but your not invited. After the outing, you get to heard all the great fun they had. You stumbled upon pictures they took during the day out on some picture hosting site. You start to feel the volcano again. But hey, people go out with his/her friends normal la. Why think so much? That goes on in your head right? It’s just that you can’t stop from feeling that way. The volcano. *BOOM*

So what is really happening over here? Getting the green-eye over nothing! Weird? Believe me, it happens. Every time.

This is something you guys should really ponder about. Comments really appreciated.

“Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.” quoted by Erica Jong.


maro^gal said...

nicely written... :D

Ping Ping said...

aiya, i super good at ar?? and i hate it lor..and often trying to deny it..but haih, cant control

Lynnelle said...

I used to get real jealous before. And I have no idea for what. Come to think of it, kinda dumb. Haha. But now I can control myself d.

No use getting jealous because God is always thinking of something better to give us than something that we didn't get or don't have.