Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur 2012

This was my third concert that I went to!

Avril Lavigne was here last Saturday for her Black Star Tour.
It was her last and final stop of the tour.

I made it clear to myself that I did not want to go early because I did not want to queue up for 2-3 hours. That's because the Rock Zone isn't so much of a Rock Zone after all since it's situated very much further behind the stage behind the Tune Talk Zone which was the VIP zone. So it didn't really make much difference where I stood in the Rock Zone, I would still be very far behind.

black star tour

I reached at about 7.45pm maybe just to find a very long line (about 700 meters give or take) of people still queuing up! Say about 30 minutes of lining up, I reached the middle point of the initial queue where the crew only told us that there was another entrance for Regular ticket holders.

And I was like dafug! I was holding the Rock Zone ticket. Turns out the Rock Zone entrance was not in the line I was queuing up in. That was like a wtf moment.

But I got inside anyways.

The whole stadium look very spacious eventhough they said about 13000 fans were there. Tune Talk zone looked packed but was later told by a friend that it was not that sardine-packed after all.

The Rock Zone was bearable. I was standing at the back, so yeah.

And the Regular Zone was okay I guess. The Merdeka Stadium was huge!

black star tour

Avril came out at 8.45pm to start the concert which lasted for about 1 hour 20 minutes.
I went to her concert and did not have high expectations just because I thought that Simple Plan's concert was already top of the notch.

Indeed I was not too surprised to find out that Avril's concert was not that enjoyable. I'm not sure why but she lacks interaction with the crowd and speaking of the crowd, they were not really hyped up enough.

But then again, it was still surreal to listen to Avril sing live.

Out of 5 stars, I'll give it a 3. Maybe they should have it in a more smaller enclosed venue.

And to fully enjoy a concert, one needs to get the closest spot to the stage. That's what I think.

But she's still my Skater chic!

Photos below from Tune Talk's Fliickr.

black star tour

black star tour

credits to JoshuaOng

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