Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sausage Fest At Velvet Underground, Zouk Club KL

It was another #brosbeforehoes night last Friday.
Bros came all the way from Ipoh and Singapore to hang out with us KL people.
It was only a weekend trip. Now can you friends top that?


We had one of the best weekend ever starting off partying in Velvet.
Then there was more makan sessions, more drinking session and kite flying?


It was all good.
With many stories to tell.
But that's all for us to know.

scott's garden

Can't wait for our next #sausagefest.



Nath said...

I love Zouk's hotdog!!! But that was @ Singapore. Never been to Zouk KL yet >.<

philippine homes said...

Great photos and I like it. It looks interesting. A lot of thanks for sharing.

Charles A