Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Toshiba Satellite L200 Is Dying

Is your desktop or laptop growing old? Do you feel that they are soon going to die off and go into 'hardware heaven'?

Have you experienced times where your system just reboots itself automatically without any warning? One time you are busy doing your work, the next second, the screen just goes blank and the next thing you see is the startup screen.

Have you experienced the time where you have to reboot your system a few times just to get into the Log-in screen? First time you push the ON button, it'll reboot itself a few times before actually coming into the Log-in screen.

Have you experienced the time where your system just hangs and there's nothing you can do but to push and hold onto the power button till your system shuts down and to start it up again?

Have your experienced a crashed screen, where your screen will have jagged lines something like a smashed screen but more uniformed?

I have and still am having the same problems.

My Toshiba Satellite L200 has been with me for almost three years now. We've battled through great fights with various trojans and viruses. It has survived a couple system reformats. It has been together with me for countless nights awake, accompanying me when I am up finishing my assignments.

But now, I feel like it is already too tired to be going through more tough challenges. I think its time for my companion to go to rest.

Which is why I need a new partner in crime. I'm auditioning potential candidates. Leave me your application in the comments section below. Or if there are anyone out there who thinks you are qualified enough, send yourself to my doorstep and I'll accept you straightaway.

Send yourself to: Platinum Hill Condo PV5, Jalan Melati Utama, Taman Melati Utama, 53100 Setapak.

Here's how sick my Satellite L200 is:
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