Sunday, December 19, 2010

Food Review @ Vansh, Starhill Gallery

Being a person who loves to eat and never gets fat, I would better be of as a food blogger rather than a lifestyle blogger. I'd literally eat anything which is served on the table, given the fact that it is plated properly and also it must be somewhat edible.

I've never done food reviews before and me being a person to eat everything, would that make me a a good person to do food reviews or is it the opposite?

I was invited to Vansh in Starhill Gallery. Vansh is a restaurant where they served Indian cuisine. It has been awhile since I've last eaten authentic Indian food. The only memory I have of having Indian food was when I was very little. Yes, it was that long!

The closest-somehow-related food to Indian cuisine I'm having now, would be the mamak food I have every now and then.

What makes food taste a little bit better would be the ambiance of the place you are dining in. When you walk into Vansh you can see that it has a beautifully designed exterior 'wall'. Inside, the place is lit up with warm coloured lighthing which I think somehow compliments the food served there. 

Papadums served as snacks

As I took my seat, a glass with four equally rolled crackers was served on the table. A very unique way of serving us Papadum. It came together with 3 different types of dipping sauce, where I like to call it the 'traffic light sauce' which would be chilli, raita and mint.

The crisp cracker has a peppery flavour which makes it slightly spicy if that is what you want to call it. Definitely a change from the regular papadums I've eaten. As for the sauces, it did not make any difference for me as the peppery sensation slightly overpowers the sauce's flavours.  

Manggo Lassi - RM17

I was looking forward to a chilled drink, so when a glass of Manggo Lassi was put on the table, I was like YES! Something refreshing. The cherry even made it looks better; such nice a nice contrast.

Lassi is a yogurt based drink which is blended together with milk and water. This particular one I'm having would have some mango pulp blended together too.

On my first sip, it was already a let down for me as it was not chilled. How can a yogurt-fruit drink not be chilled? Furthermore, I did not taste any mango inside. The drink is a bit too 'foamy' for me.

Just maybe if it was chilled, it would be much better.

Bombay Pani Puri - RM20

This is actually crunchy semolina puffs served with chilled spice water and sweet tamarind chutney. The dish looked appealing with the many colours on the plate, however, it did not please my taste buds.

The semolina puffs are bite size and with a big mouth (literally) like me, I'd gobble one straight down. It did not have much taste to me. It was like munching down air. The chilled spiced water didn't help much. Am I too picky on food?

Tandoori Lamb Chop - RM50

I'm a meat person and this is what I've been looking out for. Marinated with spiced yogurt and then roasted in the tandoor would best give it the authentic Indian cuisine taste.

And believe me, this dish was not a let down. Perfectly roasted with the juices still remain in the meat. Best to eat this with your fingers as it'll go to places where forks and knives have never been to! I would prefer having a larger piece, though it's already considered a huge piece for some.

Butter, Garlic, Plain Naan - RM10/basket

Naans are one of the most basic Indian food. It is an oven-baked flatbread. Having naans served, brought back memories when I last dined at a Indian cuisine restaurant.

Vansh's naans taste slightly milder. I still remember the raisin naan I had when I was small. I was looking forward to that same experience when I first taste naan but I could get that from Vansh. The naan's flavours are a little too mild for me.

Vegetarian Kebab Platter - RM30
Chef's exquisite kebab sampler featuring aloo mutter tikki, tandoori mushroom and tandoori paneer tikka

Oh no! Not another vegetarian dish? Haha! But then again, I kind of liked this dish because of its flavours it has and also because of its juicy-ness. I would have this as a side dish.

Chilli Cheese Kulzza - RM20
Fresh fluffy bread packed with mild yellow cheddar, piquant chilli and fresh coriander.

And then we're having pizza next. You can taste the cheese here, unlike the flavours in the naans. There's nothing much to be excited of over this dish. It's just another bread dish. Probably, it would be a better choice to order if you are planning on ordering naans.


Kashmiri Rogan Josh - RM36
Lamb cubes simmered in a fennel scented yogurt gravy

Now this would be a dish to die for! It's lamb cubes served in a bowl of gravy. Wherever I go, lamb would be one of my top choices of food to eat. This is another lamb dish that made my day. Best served with Lamb Briyani (RM45) and that's double kill! Lamb x2! 

Lamb Vindaloo - RM38

Now you're talking! Another lamb dish! It just gets better and better. For me, you can't go wrong with any lamb dish. 

Masala Chai

It is an Indian tea which has Indian spices and herbs. The wonderful aroma filled the air as it was brought to the table. You can have it with or without sugar and milk but I just had two teaspoons of sugar in mine just so I could taste it pure.

Masala Chai is very different compared to the usual English tea you have every other day. Because of its spices used to brew this tea, it has a certain kick to it. It not exactly sweet but rather 'spicy' for me. Not really my cup of tea but for plus points, its aroma was absolutely amazing.

Khajooor Kulfi - RM18
Homemade frosty flavoured with exotic dates

Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice-cream. Unlike the usual ice-creams, this is more dense and is much more creamier. I've never had kulfi before and this was certainly my first time. I was looking forward to its taste.

Of course if it was also your first time having kulfi, the first bite will seem to take you off a bit but after a few more bite, you'll soon learn to love it. It's not too sweet and yet it taste great.

We also had a choice of Lychee Kulfi which was equally good.

If you are planning on having Indian cuisine and want to try what Vansh has to offer, I'd recommend you the lamb dishes.

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